Róisín Shortall: A glint of honesty in the political sewer

It really is refreshing to listen to an Irish politician speaking with absolute honesty.

Róisín Shortall did not mince her words in response to an Irish Times report that two locations in Minister for Health James Reilly’s constituency were added to a list of places chosen for primary care centres on the evening before they were announced by the Government.

Here’s some of what this principled politician had to say:

He started off by looking after some of his colleagues in some of those additions, all of the fifteen would have been added on that basis. At the last minute slipping in another four, two of which were in his constituency.

This documentation gives the lie to the many convoluted excuses and justifications that Minister Reilly and other ministers gave in the Dail and elsewhere where they tried to claim that there was other criteria used, that he had some basis other than pure political patronage.

Here’s one of the convoluted excuses that our moronic Minister for Health expects intelligent citizens to believe.

One and one makes two and two and two make four but four by four makes 16 and not four and four makes eight and so it is with this. It’s a logistical, logarithmic progression, so there is nothing; there is nothing simple about it.

Shortall again:

I think it’s a matter now for the Government to decide are they going to actually deliver the kind of new politics that they promised or is it going to be business as usual, stroke politics that has done so much damage to this country.

On the same programme we had a representative from that old gombeen/stroke politics regime that has destroyed our country, Fine Gael TD Regina Doherty.

Doherty sees nothing wrong with Reilly’s moronic excuses.

I’m quite satisfied that the explanation I was given is believable and plausible.

This gombeen response is a carbon copy of the cowardly excuses mouthed by Fianna Fail gombeens when defending the liar Bertie Ahern.

There is very little hope for Ireland and its people for so long as politicians like Doherty are in power.

According to her website Doherty’s favourite film is the Godfather.

Appropriate, I would say.

Her favourite saying is:

What goes around comes around.

Let’s hope that applies to her when she next stands for election.

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3 thoughts on “Róisín Shortall: A glint of honesty in the political sewer”

  1. Roisin Shorthall is without doubt a strange entity in Irish politics , a person with integrity, honest and brave enough to speak out against blatant stroke politics.
    That James Reilly has not resigned is a disgrace, that he has not been forced to resign by the Taoiseach is an even bigger scandal. We can only conclude from this that Enda Kenny supports stroke politics , sees nothing wrong with it,conclude also that the lack of a clamour from ministers must mean that they also see no wrong in it.
    Were this the UK or anywhere with the possible exception of Nigeria, James Reilly would have resigned by now or have been forced to resign by colleagues afraid to be labelled corrupt. There is no clamour because to them stroke politics is the norm. No wonder the country is in the state its in.

  2. Odd considering logarithmic progression is very simple. Nothing like the complexity of taking 4 non-similar items out of the bounds of an ordered list and inserting them into the final set.

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