Michael Martin will be nothing more than a footnote in Irish history

I’ve written on a number of occasions of my delight that the obnoxious, cowardly and incompetent Michael Martin is still leading Fianna Fail (See here and here).

I’m delighted because Martin is still living in the far off country of la la land where absolute denial is the only reality.

For so long as this traitor is leading the most corrupt political party in the country we can be sure it will never become a radical party of reform that will lead Ireland and its people out of the sewer of corruption.

Interviewed by Vincent Browne recently Martin confirmed his la la land credentials.

On bringing the country to the verge of disaster.

We made mistakes, I’ve apologised for those mistakes.

This is genuinely, first and foremost a financial and banking collapse, ok, which was global in nature and was very serious for this country.

So, nothing to do with Fianna Fail corruption then?

On grossly inflating the property bubble.

The property bubble was a function of the lending policies of banks.

So, nothing to do with Fianna Fail corruption then?

On the fact that Fianna Fail is unquestionably the most corrupt political party we’ve had since independence.

I wouldn’t accept your analysis.

Of course he wouldn’t, he lives in la la land.

Again on corruption.

I have been a member of government for quite a number of years and I can’t, and there wasn’t any active corruption in the lifetime of that government in terms of…

Martin first entered politics in 1985. Ireland has been an open sewer of political and business corruption since, at least, 1979 when the criminal politician Haughey came to power.

Martin was, and still is, a strong supporter of this criminal and of the party he led. So of course he didn’t see, and still doesn’t see, any ‘active’ corruption.

On the Mahon Tribunal Report.

That doesn’t cover the time I was in government.

It never ceases to amaze me that media people like Vincent Browne allow people like Martin to get away with giving such idiotic and dishonest answers.

More on corruption.

I’m not a corrupt person and I’m not a member of a corrupt party.

Oh yes you are a member of a corrupt party, the party that brought disaster and immeasurable hardship on the majority if Irish citizens.

On party that is the most corrupt (In his opinion).

Well, I think of the Sinn Fein party.

So Sinn Fein, a tiny party with almost no popular support and no power whatsoever within the Republic for most of its history is more corrupt than the juggernaut that was Fianna Fail that dominated Irish politics from independence until recently.

Such dishonesty and desperation on the part of Martin is a measure of the man and his corrupt party.

Martin, because of his lack of vision and courage, is destined to become nothing more than a footnote in Irish history.

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