Smokers unite!

From the Attic Archives.

Irish Examiner: Letters to the Editor: 14th June 2003.

Which publican will refuse to serve a smoker?


Thank God for the call for debate by the Vintners Federation of Ireland on Health Minister Michael Martin’s tomfollery as to whether informed adults can or cannot have a smoke with their pint or glass of wine.

Does the minister seriously expect any publican to refuse an adult a pint if he or she lights up?

Is he going to inspect every pub for ventilation?

I have 28 air changes per hour in my pub and dining room. Any more would seriuously interfere with ladies’ hairstyles or gents’ toupees.

Neither I nor any other adult smoker would dream of going on holiday to a country where an after-dinner citarette, cigar or pipe was declared illegal.

Even the Taliban allowed this liberty.

Vincent Keaney