The safest place in the Cosmos for those suspected of white collar crime is in the welcoming arms of the ODCE

The investigation into the collapse of Anglo Irish Bank has been formally put into cold storage where it will remain until all those involved are dead and/or the whole scandal becomes nothing more than a thesis subject for students of history.

With hardly a murmur from the media and complete silence from the body politic the High Court has extended the investigation by the Director of Corporate Enforcement (ODCE) by a full year.

To date the ODCE had been granted only six month extensions which were, at least initially, strongly questioned by judge Peter Kelly.

But Judge Kelly has long since been put into his box and is now in full conformity with the State’s handling of the investigation.

The ODCE had sought a three year extension but, I suspect, this was to allow judge Kelly to look tough by granting just one year.

Next year, the ODCE will probably ask for a five year extension and receive three from the ‘tough’ judge.

In addition to endless extensions to what in other countries would have been a relatively simple legal process, we have also been informed that there will be a long wait before a trial date is even set.

This is because there is a need, apparently, for a ‘mammoth’ disclosure of documents by the DPP to the defendants.

The processing of ‘massive’ amounts of documents has now been added to the long list of State excuses for delaying investigations into white collar crime.

And when (if) a trial finally does commence we are told by the DPP it is likely to go on for some time because of the matters being investigated.

In functional jurisdictions such matters are dealt with regularly, efficiently and as a matter of legal routine.

And just in case somebody slips up and the process is accidently accelerated from a snails pace to that of a tortoise the ODCE seems to have taken out a little insurance policy

Apparently the investigation has disclosed (mysterious) matters that would warrant other decisions from the DPP.

Naturally, the great unwashed are not told what these ‘matters’ are but we can be sure they’re good for a least another couple of years delay.

Ok, let’s return to the real world.

As I have written on many previous occasions nobody will be held accountable for what happened at Anglo Irish Bank or any of the other banks.

The safest place in the Cosmos for those facing allegations of white collar crime is in the warm, welcoming arms of the ODCE.

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4 thoughts on “The safest place in the Cosmos for those suspected of white collar crime is in the welcoming arms of the ODCE”

  1. I couldn’t agree more, I too have tried to bring matters to the attention of ODCE only to be fobbed off with effectivly ” it’s nothing to do with us”, what I would love to know what is their remit. The ODCE told me to take up the matter with the Dept of Public Expenditure who forwarded me to the Dept of Finance who told me it was a matter for the ODCE. I have come full circle and there is still no one responsible. Banana Republic!!

  2. Just read about Seán Fitzpatricks’s trial being set for Jan 2014. This chimes with what you’ve said above. There will probably be another deferral then. This is a sad country.

  3. On the other hand perhaps you should not publish any comments like mine above for fear some excuse could be found to drop charges!

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