Militant Catholic Senator Mullen accuses Taoiseach

The obnoxious Catholic militant Senator Ronan Mullen was so shocked by a comment made by the Taoiseach on the abortion controversy that he felt compelled to issue a formal statement on the matter (Newstalk interview here).

Here’s Enda Kenny’s ‘shocking’ comment.

I’m receiving correspondence and messages from all over the country. I’m now being branded as worse than Herod.

According to Mullen this is a clear attempt to demonise the pro-life movement

What it really is, of course, is another attempt by Mullen to get himself media attention to rant on about his extreme religious views.

One thought on “Militant Catholic Senator Mullen accuses Taoiseach”

  1. Yes afraid the Senator doth protest too much–notice his ethical sentiments never stretch to his “party leaders allowance” or his expenses as a Senator.

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