Danny Healy-Rae: Doesn't even know he's been taken for the idiot he is

Councillor Danny Healy-Rae was delighted with all the publicity he generated with his call for special permits to excuse rural dwellers from drink-driving limits.

I’m getting calls all day from international radio and television stations, so it’s a major issue.

Even accepting that he’s a member of the Healy-Rae family of gombeen politicians and therefore not overly endowed with intelligence surely even he realises that the international media want to talk to him because they see him for what he is – an idiot politician whose antics will provide a laugh for viewers.

3 thoughts on “Danny Healy-Rae: Doesn't even know he's been taken for the idiot he is”

  1. I’m sure he doesn’t care – it’s all about the publicity.

    Council elections next year isn’t it?

    While everybody else is laughing and/or fuming at the stupidity of his suggestion, the good folk of Kerry are thinking “he’s fighting our cornet” and that’s all that matters to Healy-Rae.

  2. The mans an idiot. But worse, the European media think that he is representative of what all Ireland thinks. The quicker he is dumped the better for us all. But of course this won’t happen, if all the other idiots in Kerry vote him in again!

  3. Does the poor idiot not realise that he is a great attraction for journalists world wide who are looking for funny stories to tell their readers.He is not worried at the prospect of being seen as the typical stage Irishman as long as it enhances his political career—people of Kerry you have some beauty there.

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