Senator Harte 'explains'

I received two emails from Senator Harte in response to my post regarding social media abuse.

Sorry to disappoint you I wasn’t forced to shut it down. I did it voluntarily.

And shortly after:

Dear Mr Sheridan,

I wish to inform you that my Facebook site was closed 6 days before the death of Shane Mc Entee.

I would expect that you clarify this with your Facebook friends today or the matter will be referred to the Press Ombudsman

I’m very happy to clarify Senator Harte’s claim that he closed his Facebook and Twitter accounts six days before Shane Mc Entee’s death on 21 December 2012.

I’m still puzzled though.

It is obvious from media reports and Senator Harte’s interview on Newstalk that he is very angry and upset by the alleged abuse he received on social media.

The obvious question is – why did he wait a full month before telling the rest of the world about his decision?

I’m still going with the bandwagon thesis.