Bruton: It wasn't Lehman Brothers wot done it, it wasn't the Germans wot done it, it was the whole world

First it was Lehman Brothers who were to blame for our economic downfall.

When that excuse started to wear a bit thin blame was switched to those nasty Germans for lending all that money to innocent Irish bankers who lent it to innocent property developers who were best friends with innocent politicians.

Now, according to one of our more arrogant (ex) politicians, John Bruton, the entire world is to blame for the catastrophe.

And the gombeen wasn’t pulling his punches as he spoke to CNBC, effectively claiming that the world needs to man up and help save brave Ireland for saving the planet.

It’s important to make the point that the then government did this in order to prevent a bank run in a particular bank which could have led to catagion all over Europe, here in Britain and in the United States as well.

So in a sense the Irish taxpayer put its resources on the line in order to protect the global economy. Therefore there is, we would contend in Ireland, a global and European responsibilty to help us resolve this issue.