Catholic militant Mary Kenny very angry with actor Gabriel Byrne

Oh dear, it seems that the actor Gabriel Byrne has upset the Catholic militant Mary Kenny with his comment that the Catholic Church was a force for evil (Irish Catholic).

Here’s her ‘Christian’ response in quotes.

Gabriel Byrne, an ignoramus on history.

Must have a movie to promote as he’s off on one of his publicity-seeking rants.

Hitler himself had no time for the Catholic Church, in that he was rather like Gabriel Byrne.

Gabriel Byrne is quite a good actor; but acting should mean great art, not brainless attention-seeking spouting drivel.

Dear oh dear; what about all that Catholic stuff on forgiveness, turning the other cheek and tolerance?

3 thoughts on “Catholic militant Mary Kenny very angry with actor Gabriel Byrne”

  1. I do not pay any attention to the sayings of Mother Kenny but the same applies to the attention I pay to the meanderings of Gabriel Byrne.

  2. Thats the whole trouble. Nobody takes anything anyone says seriously anymore. I believe that Gabriel Byrnes comments are so close to the bone of truth, that someone like Mary Kenny was the obvious person to take the bait. The 35 years that I have lived in Ireland has taught me that the church, of whatever variety you choose, still has an unhealthy influence on the thinking of people that are unable to think for themselves. Gabriels comments on the Gathering are also very true. We can see that from the lengths government in Ireland go to in welcoming Oirish people such as Tom Cruise and Obama. We are a laughing stock around the world, we are loved because of it and we have nobody to blame but ourselves!

  3. Are you saying that Catholics should simply ignore foul comments about their religion – and allow a free pass to anti-Catholic comment? Sorry, but that would not be Christianity – that would be subservient stupidity.

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