Corrupt system still supporting the vermin

In an article about the greed and hypocrisy of developer Sean Dunne Sunday Times journalist Justine McCarthy accurately outlines the complete failure of the state to reform the corrupt system that allows low life like Dunne to breed like rats.

The same support system that rendered them untouchable during the boom still prevails.

There has been no public banking inquiry, no debate about the probity of a legal system churning out gagging writs to suppress information; no investigation of the media’s sycophantic coverage of the property market and its players; no criticism of estate agents who acted hand in glove with developers; no sanctions for auditors who signed off on Walter Mitty-esque financial accounts; nobody from the ‘golden circle’ sent to jail.

Just a country full of worn-out citizens who have been punished, beyond endurance in some cases, for believing what they were told by Establishment Ireland.

The support system Ms. McCarthy speaks of is, to make it clear, the corrupt political/administrative system that has destroyed our country.

I would dispute just one detail with Ms. McCarthy.

The (corrupt) system that supports the vermin who rule our country is not a product of the boom years.

The rotten system has been sucking the life-blood out of Ireland and its people since, at least, 1979 when the criminal politician Haughey gained power.