Healy-Rae's gombeen influence

While going through some old newspapers in the Attic Archives I came across an article in the Irish Times (October 31st 2000) reporting how Jackie Healy-Rae sought and was granted an extension for tax relief for a multi-storey car park in Kenmare.

Healy-Rae was making the representation on behalf of Cork businessman Mr. Dermot Murphy who was building the contentious car park and apartment complex in Kenmare.

Can I appeal to your good office (Charlie McCreevy, Minister for Finance) to make certain that the time here for this tax incentive would be extended in the case of Kenmare.

McCreevy’s advisers supported the extension.

We feel there is a strong case for relaxing this deadline.

Well, of course there was a strong case. Healy-Rae was one of four independent TDs on whom the Government depended on for survival.

The liar Ahern had bought himself power by paying millions in taxpayer’s money in a secret deal with the independent TDs.

When asked by a reporter for details of the deal the liar, effectively, told the taxpayer’s of Ireland to take a hike.