Mary O'Rourke's story and what really happened

Some months ago I ordered Mary O’Rourke’s book Just Mary in my local library. On principle I would not wish to add to this individual’s wealth by buying her story.

After a number of weeks I returned to enquire if the book was available but was told there was a long waiting list so it could be some time before it was available.

I’m in no hurry. I’m not in the least interested in O’Rourke’s story on a personal basis. I’m interested in comparing what she has to say with what actually happened during her time as a politician. I have no doubt that the facts will be millions of miles away from her account of events.

What I find incredible is the popularity of such rubbish publications.

O’Rourke is a loyal member of the most corrupt political party in the country, the party that is principally responsible for the immense damage done to Ireland and its people.

She’s also a faithful supporter and admirer of the criminal politician Haughey, the man who was principally responsible for infecting Irish public life with the disease of corruption.

I find it disturbingly ironic that people who cannot afford to buy the book because of the financial devastation caused by a corrupt Fianna Fail are eagerly queuing up to read all about one of the party’s most influential members.

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  1. No surprise at all, the same idiots kept voting FF back into power. The lack of intelligence of the Irish voting public has always astonished me.

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