Sensational news: The truth about the GSOC bugging scandal

As always in Ireland when a scandal like the GSOC bugging allegations breaks the entire event is overwhelmed with talk, talk, talk, talk…..

Who’s responsible? Who would have the expertise and equipment? Why didn’t GSOC report the matter to the Minister? Why have I a pain in my arse……?

Here’s the truth for anyone who’s interested.

Hey, look over there, a duck.

A duck, are you sure?

Well, It’s walking like a duck.

But it could be an elephant walking like a duck.

No, now it’s in the pond and swimming like a duck.

Now, now, we have to be very careful here. We can’t be jumping to conclusions, can’t be making wild allegations.

Hold on, it’s quacking like a duck.

Feck, it must be a duck after all, now what are we going to do?

Shoot it, of course, and hide the body. We can’t have anybody else knowing the truth.

5 thoughts on “Sensational news: The truth about the GSOC bugging scandal”

  1. It’s incredible to think that one minute theres a serious security threat established in GSOC…as per their own admission and then, ah twas nothing really, just a few small unexplained devices found, sure, twas nothing really to worry about, we don’t know where they came from, or who put them there…nothing definitive like, no know what i mean like…nothing to worry about like and we didn’t want to point the finger at anybody like, especially the Guards!

    So, i suppose, Like the sign over the Funeral Home that says … “Remains to be seen”

  2. Yes, welcome back Anthony.

    About the bugging, heres a thought. Normally Government agencies are known by their name in Irish name. Can anyone forget Commisiún Bágún agus Muca! Now id the Garda Síochánna Ombudsman Commission was designated in Irish it would come out as Commisiún Ombudsman Garda Síochána or COGS. In Cork we all know what cogging means.

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