Michael Noonan: As ruthless and callous as ever

When he was Minister for Health in the 1990s Michael Noonan and his bureaucratic minions hounded Bridget McCole, even on her deathbed, to stop her fight for justice against a state which had poisoned and eventually killed her.

Because she was dying Bridget McCole caved into threats and bullying and accepted a measly £175,000 compensation from the state. She only accepted the money so that her family would have something after she died.

Michael Noonan’s behaviour throughout was ruthless and callous. Later, and probably when he realised that his disgusting behaviour might cost him votes, he apologised.

Ok, it might be argued by some that Noonan made a mistake, that he realised how ruthless he had been and had learned his lesson. They might argue that having learned the lesson he would never again treat those who came under his power in such a callous manner.

Wrong. Noonan is still as ruthless, still as callous as ever.

He and his bureaucratic minions are are in the process to throwing thousands of desperate mortgage holders to a pack of foreign vulture capitalists.

This callous individual say he ‘expects’ any buyer of mortgages to comply with Central Bank codes of conduct. This is dishonest bullshit as it is expected that most, if not all of the vulture capitalists will not come within the remit of the Central Bank.

The Central Bank, mealy mouthed and spineless as ever, said they were ‘concerned’ and expressed a ‘preference’ for compliance with the code.

So here’s what’s likely to happen. Most of the 13,000 mortgages will be snapped up by the vultures. Feeding frenzy will commence and the mortgage holders will be stripped to the bone.

The victims will be left with little or nothing, with no hope for the future. They are strictly forbidden to bid for their own homes unless they can come up with the full amount due.

Remember 13,000 mortgages translates into multiple thousands of humans who are likely to be seriously damaged by Noonan’s ruthless strategy.

The vast majority of Noonan’s victims are likely to suffer trauma that will remain with them for the rest of their lives. Given the shock that’s about to be delivered to many of them it is quite likely that at least some will be pushed over the final edge.

But does a ruthless individual like Noonan, who first showed his true colours when he hounded Bridget McCole on her deathbed, care?

Like fuck he does.

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One thought on “Michael Noonan: As ruthless and callous as ever”

  1. On June 2nd 2010 when “CARER” Noonan re-entered public life in the run up the Feb 2011 general election a well known newspaper told us the following;

    “The Michael Noonan that sat down with Pat Kenny on Monday night was not Michael Noonan the politician. He was Michael, the husband, father and carer of an Alzheimer’s patient – albeit a carer who admitted he could afford the private home help that can make the difference between preserving your own sanity and not”.

    Who’d have known it – Noonan the carer. I’m sure the timing of that interview which won him massive sympathy in the run up the election was purely accidental.

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