Fine Gael: Betrayal and ignorance

Enda pointedly sought out the hand of his Justice Minister to hoist in solidarity. Earlier, in a lull as the countdown to the live coverage took place, the audience launched into an impromptu three cheers for Mr Shatter (Irish Independent).

Kenny’s action demonstrates that his first loyalty is to Shatter and not to Ireland and its people. Such betrayal is the default position of most Irish politicians.

The impromptu three cheers by the audience demonstrates how far Irish citizens have to go before they even begin to recognise the depth of betrayal they have suffered at the hands of the body politic.

One thought on “Fine Gael: Betrayal and ignorance”

  1. The Irish people have been brain-washed by government spin. If they knew the full truth concerning what Trichet/ECB did to this country – the people would rise.
    Still no inquiry into the blanket bank guarantee nearly six years later.

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