Regina Doherty: Just another cowardly, self-serving, gombeen politician?

Fine Gael TD Regina Doherty represents all that is depressing about Irish politics.

Here’s some things she had to say during a recent radio discussion (Newstalk, Sunday 23 Feb).

On Michael Noonan’s disgraceful and dishonest attempt to blame Fianna Fail for the current Garda scandal.

I’m certainly not going to criticise Michael Noonan for his opinions. He’s a very long standing politician and as you well know I’m not.

Two things here:

Firstly, Doherty is the kind of politician who lacks the courage to question members of her own party. Such cowardice, while beneficial to her and her party’s interests, is extremely damaging to Ireland and its people.

Secondly, she sees age and experience as the defining factor in how a fellow politician should be treated. We can assume, therefore, that she strongly disapproves of Barack Obama, who assumed power at 47.

We can also assume that Ms. Doherty is prepared to allow ‘senior’ and more ‘experienced’ politicians to act in a ruthless and callous manner simply because they are senior.

When politicians like Doherty lack confidence in their own political principles they invariably seek political security within the embrace of a stronger politician, no matter how ruthless or unprincipled that politician is.

This abdication of a principled stance inevitably results in the increased empowerment of the ‘senior’ politician with disastrous consequences for ordinary citizens.

Indeed, we can see this attitude at work today as Fine Gael TDs, including Ms. Doherty, coldly stand by as Mr. Noonan exposes thousands of citizens to ruthless vulture capitalists.

Fianna Fail and the media seem to think they have a political witch hunt going on here on Alan Shatter and it’s not on. To call for his resignation is absolutely a witch hunt.

If Doherty really believes this then she is nothing but a political moron, someone who has no inkling whatsoever of what’s actually happening around her. Someone who exists in just one reality – support the party at all costs no matter how damaging to Ireland and its people.

If she doesn’t believe her own words, if she’s just saying them to avoid having to admit the truth then she’s just one more gombeen politician in a long line of gombeen politicians going back many decades who have sucked the blood out of Irish democracy and destroyed the future prospects of millions of Irish citizens.

I strongly suspect that Ms. Doherty is just another cowardly, self-serving, gombeen politician.

And in truth, the Irish people have had enough of such inferior representatives.

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