Naming Gardai involved in penalty points scandal

Keith Wallis is the name of the UK policeman jailed for his part in the Plebgate scandal. Det. Sgt. Hinton and Sgt. Jones are two other police officers involved in the scandal. I suspect that if I wanted a complete list of all officers involved in the incident it would not be a problem.

With this in mind I phoned Garda HQ yesterday to find out the name, rank and location of the Gardai, we are told, have been disciplined for their part in the penalty points scandal.

The official I spoke to was genuinely clueless. He had no idea where I could access such information.

He suggested I call to my local Garda station, write to the Garda Commissioner or get in touch with my local TD.

I phoned the office of the Minister for Justice and, as usual, was asked to put my query in writing.

To Whom It May Concern:

It is public knowledge that a number of Gardai have been punished as a result of the penalty points controversy.

I request the name, rank, location and punishment meted out to the Gardai in question.

If this is not possible I request the regulation/legislation under which it is not possible.

Yours sincerely

Anthony Sheridan

One thought on “Naming Gardai involved in penalty points scandal”

  1. This is absolutely priceless – long live investigative journalism, long live blogsites.
    No wonder newspaper sales have gone through the floor.
    Can’t wait to see how the Shatter’s office deflect this one.
    I’d certainly hate to get on the wrong side of ye Anthony, or is it Gavin?
    We’re lucky to have you Mr. Sheridan.

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