Gilmore, in a single strike, defeats the Russian bear

The world approaches disaster, the Cold War has been re-ignited, nations are in despair.

And then, in the nick of time, a knight in shining armour, astride a golden steed sweeps across the horizon – and saves the day.

Eamon Gilmore has summoned the Russian ambassador and is sure to demand a complete withdrawal from Ukraine and an abject apology for giving the citizens of the world such a fright.

Ha, I hear you say. Gilmore has no power, what can little Ireland do to frighten the Russian bear?

Well, it’s simple. They will threaten Russia with the Irish political/administrative system, the most deadly, most frightening weapon of war ever invented.

The Russian monolith will surely wilt, their forces will abandon their positions and flee for home when faced with such a weapon of mass destruction – Ask any Irish citizen.

2 thoughts on “Gilmore, in a single strike, defeats the Russian bear”

  1. He might even have told the Russian ambassador that we will simply refuse to buy any more of their gas! Wouldn’t that put the fear of god into him?

  2. Bite your tongue Gavin – of course Gilmore has power, Putin would welcome the support of another non-compromising, firebrand Socialist like Gilmore!
    Oh sorry, that was pre- 2011 Gilmore.
    It’s scary to think that Gilmore has more in common with Wall Street bankers than Putin if his support of paying the debts of unsecured bondholders is anything to go by.
    As for Putin /Gilmore compatibility on gay marriage, you go figure, I’m baffled.

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