Brendan O'Connor and the bollox Fintan O'Toole

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Some quotes from an article by Brendan O’Connor (Sunday Independent, July 20 1997) on the concept of zero tolerance and the criminal Haughey’s appearance at the McCracken Tribunal.

I wonder if Charlie wouldn’t have preferred to go to prison with his honour intact rather than watch the self-righteous mob led by Fintan O’Toole don the war paint and dance around the bonfire gloating.

Charlie may have been a bollox, but no more than any of us are bolloxes.

Bolloxes on a smaller stage maybe but flawed, greedy bollixes all the same.

Sometimes I lie awake at night and I wonder if even Fintan O’Toole is flawed. Maybe even Fintan is a bollox like all the rest of us.

2 thoughts on “Brendan O'Connor and the bollox Fintan O'Toole”

  1. You’re dredging, Anthony. BTW I did’t know bollox had two plurals, bolloxes and bollixes

  2. I’m always dredging Haymoon – Lol
    As for Bollix, there has been a long ongoing debate as to the correct spelling of the word but nobody has any doubt about its meaning and to those it best applies 🙂

    I sent you an email recently, I was wondering did you get it ok

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