I am not a 'customer' of the State, I am a citizen

I recently received an email from the Department of Education in response to a query which included the following sentence.

To assist you, the following links provide answers to queries frequently raised by our customers.

I find the use of the term ‘customers’ to be obnoxious. I am not a customer of any government agency, I am a citizen of the State within which every government agency works on my and every other citizen’s behalf.

Somewhere along the line there was a culture change when some politician/civil servant decided that the term ‘citizen’ bestowed too much respect on citizens. It was decided to create a culture whereby the state raised itself to a position above that of the great unwasahed.

It was decided that ordinary citizens were to be looked down upon as no more than ‘customer’s’ of the ruling elite.

I totally reject this obnoxious attitude and will work to destroy the arrogant system that seeks to dilute the quality of my citizenship.

One thought on “I am not a 'customer' of the State, I am a citizen”

  1. I concur and you are clearly correct.
    I’d like to think that I could be of some assistance in your quest but I fear I would merely bring good intentions which are of course useless and good intentions will doubtless be the great crutch in the final outcome.
    I look forward to updates on this one.

    I believe this is shite began during Bertie’s reign.

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