Why the peasants are not being heard

I walked into the great hall of government to be met with a wall of absolute silence.

This despite the fact that the hall was full to brim with Labour and Fine Gael politicians, ministers, advisors, special advisors, civil servants and a host of general hangers on.

Timidly, I approached a small group of FG/Lab TDs sitting at a table where they were studying with great intensity the recent election results.

What’s going on, I whispered?

Ssssshhhhhh…..they replied in barely audible tones….We’re listening.

Listening to what?

To the people, we think they’re trying to tell us something…..but we’re not sure what.

Surely it’s that they’re not happy with your performance in power?

No, no, no, they replied in chorus through gritted teeth.

We’ve done everything right. It’s just that the benefits of our enlightened rule haven’t trickled down to the peasant level yet.

You mean their ignorance is preventing them from appreciating all the hard work you’ve done on their behalf?

Yes, we’re completely stumped by the electorate’s ungratefulness.

We know we’re doing right because the bankers, the regulators, the EU, our fellow politicians and people of power and influence in general have been constantly telling us what a great job we’re doing.

But maybe the peasants resent that approach; maybe they want you to pay more attention to their needs?

Yes, of course, that’s why we’re here……listening, listening with great intensity.

Have you heard anything yet?

Not a thing….sure how could we with all that mad racket going on outside our ivory tower.

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