The Northern Ireland 'crisis' – Who cares?

Hello, hands up all those who are stressed out by the latest ‘crisis’ in the Northern Ireland talks.

Ah come on people, there must be somebody interested, these are very serious talks, something could happen…..if they fail…..ya know.

Ok, surely somebody’s worried that agreement has yet to be reached on the issues of identity, parades and the legacy of the past.

Yes, of course you’re right. Millions have died in Iraq, Syria, Ukraine and other places in just the past few years and all those horrific deaths are important but…..ya know…..something could happen in Northern Ireland if the ‘crisis’ is not resolved.

I mean, just last week somebody was heard shouting ‘Up the Republic’ a few miles from a loyalist housing estate…..surely you can see how fraught the situation is becoming.

Let the Brits keep the dump.

What…..Who said that…..who made that nasty comment? You should be ashamed of yourself…..this is a very serious issue… is…..I’m telling you.

Ah come on now…..who turned off the lights…..That’s just juvenile behaviour

Hello…..hello… there anybody there…..hello…..hello…..