Banking on a Happy Christmas :-)

So, as part of my Christmas preparations I needed a €100 note to accompany a card. No point in going to my local shop, I thought, better go straight to the local AIB bank and get a nice, crispy, brand new note.

No, sorry, we don’t deal in €100 notes.

What…but you’re a bank? You’re supposed to hold all currency denominations to serve your customers.

Sorry, we do get €100 notes from customers but we don’t hold them directly. Try the Post Office, Credit Union or maybe your local supermarket.

So, back to my local supermarket.

Yes Anthony, we do have €100 notes, how many would you like?

Happy Christmas and a very prosperous New Year to everybody.

2 thoughts on “Banking on a Happy Christmas :-)”

  1. Im not a really a christmasy person as a rule Anthony but
    but in your case i will make an exception
    Merry Christmas to you and yours (special tip of the hat to Gavin) and a happy new year.
    Keep up doing battle with the forces of ineptitude on the publics behalf, because the press here certainly wont do it.


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