Ruairi Quinn: Waffling and lying as he exits politics

Lying is the currency of Irish politics. Our public representatives lie to get into office, they lie when in office and they lie after leaving office, usually to justify their lying while in power.

Labour TD and former Minister for Education Ruairi Quinn is just the latest so-called public representative to engage in lying to justify his and his government’s disgraceful and traitorous behaviour.

Speaking to Newstalk’s Shane Coleman (Part 1, 7 mins) Quinn was asked:

Did you genuinely intend to burn the bondholders once in office?

The minute the election was over Eamon Gilmore appointed three people to negotiate a programme of government with Fine Gael.

I’m told they were immediately informed of the real position by the Dept. of Finance. It was horrific, it was horrific.

The liar here is asking us to believe that he and his Labour cronies were unaware of how serious the situation was, three years after the financial catastrophe, until they met Dept. of Finance officials.

I’m not going to waste precious minutes of my life nor insult the intelligence of readers by actually analysing/refuting this loathsome and cowardly lie.

Coleman went on:

I knew before that election date that the ECB were not going to let the next government burn bondholders, is it not something you should have realised?

Quinn reply:

I’m pausing because I’m trying to formulate a considered reply. We were in freefall.

You’re like somebody in the upper stand of a football match, looking at the game. You see the whole picture. Think of somebody down in the middle of Croke Park going for a high ball.

All you can concentrate on is what’s coming at you and what you see. You don’t have the advantage of being a spectator looking at the whole play and being a disengaged participant.

We were fully engaged and this was life and death in many, many respects.

Pausing to formulate a considered reply my arse.

He was struck dumb because of the difficulty of coming up with a believable lie to such a basic question.

His moronic explanation that it was easy for those who could see the forest but impossible for those who could only see the trees tells us all we need to know about this man’s political intelligence and his lack of honesty in answering questions.

Asked about his saddest moment in politics Quinn said:

Seeing sincere and good people losing out because they no longer fit the contours of the landscape…they don’t understand that their time is over.

Clearly Quinn is referring here to his colleague Pat Rabbitte who, like many Labour politicians, travelled the road from radical socialist to unapologetic capitalist and is now operating in a delusional bubble of denial.

Asked about Labour’s prospects in the next election Quinn said that people would change their minds when voting for a government rather than mid-term protest.

Quinn, in common with all old regime politicians, seems to be completely unaware that Irish citizens have finally woken up to the traitorous behaviour of his generation and are eagerly waiting for the opportunity to consign them to the dustbin of history.

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One thought on “Ruairi Quinn: Waffling and lying as he exits politics”

  1. If smart-arse Shane Coleman “knew before that election date that the ECB were not going to let the next government burn bondholders”, it was highly unprofessional of him not to inform his listeners/voters of Labour’s wilful duplicity in this matter in 2011.
    Quinn and his disgraced Labour Party are simply political subversives. It gives me no pleasure whatsoever to say I believe very soon they will be attacked in the street for their siding with the EU/ECB/IMF subjugation of the Irish citizens since Sept 2008 (elite class excluded).

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