Michéal Martin: Still on the lookout for a spine

I see Fianna Fail ‘leader’ Michéal Martin is still on the lookout for a spine.

When asked if he regretted supporting the motion to expel Dessie O’Malley from the party proposed by his predecessor Haughey, the spineless ‘leader’ replied:

With the greatest of respect, I came here to discuss 2015, not 1985.

I think historically and on reflection, all of those issues could have been handled better or differently but that’s for the history books and I’ll be writing my own memoirs and I’ll deal with all of that then.

When pushed on the matter, he tetchily responded:

Look, I’m not going there.

Martin’s fear of answering a question, any question, has been the defining characteristic of his political career.

During his time as Minister for Health, for example, he infamously initiated over 30 reports into various scandals and problems, all in the name of kicking the ball down the road.

Some of these reports may still be ongoing; you never know when a subversive journalist might sneak in a sinister question.

When asked about the current RTE drama on Haughey’s life, again, this ‘leader’ just couldn’t bring himself to give a simple answer.

I think I’ll withhold judgment until I see the last one.

Personally, I’m delighted the spineless Mr. Martin is still leading Fianna Fail because, as Irish citizens have learned at great cost, what’s bad for the corrupt Fianna Fail party is good for Ireland.

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  1. Heartily agree with your assessment. Mr Martin has all the furrows in his brow to indicate he is a serious politician. But he simply does not like to answer questions which might embarrass him! No chance of leadership as toiseach, EVER.

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