Pope condemns those who would make fun of religion

I see the Pope is taking advantage of the brutal massacres in France to attack those who would make fun of religion.

‘Generously’ conceding that freedom of expression was a fundamental human right he added the strict condition that any such expression must not give offence to religion.

One cannot provoke, one cannot insult other people’s faith, one cannot make fun of faith.

Or, in other words, no religion should ever be the subject of criticism or questioning of any kind because, as we all know, somebody, somewhere, will always take offence.

He goes on to suggest that there was at least some rationality in the minds of the terrorists by saying that people can react violently when offended.

Then, using typically bizarre religious logic he said the attacks were the result of a throwaway culture where people and god are rejected outright.

He finished by revealing he had decided to canonize St. Joseph Vaz, a missionary to Sri Lanka, without going through the usual process of verifying a second miracle by the saint.

Now I don’t know about others but in my book anybody who actually believes in saints and miracles and all that voodoo stuff deserves to be made fun of.

Viva La Charlie Hebdo

One thought on “Pope condemns those who would make fun of religion”

  1. I can state that miracles are real because I have received healing by miraculous intervention.
    I accept that sainthood is a real state achievable by all followers of Christ.
    Religious beliefs do present as voodoo for sure but God deals with us one on one so Heavenly events are next to impossible to explain never mind prove, given the weirdness in religious mindsets here on earth.
    Keep an open mind, God is not far away.
    This I now know absolutely.

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