Irish Independent: From objective newspaper to mouthpiece for other interests

Here’s how an establishment newspaper connects a serious crime to a group of completely innocent people.

A decision to provide “protection detail” for certain politicians was taken at a meeting of the Crime and Security Division at Garda Headquarters last week in light of the firebombing of the constituency office of Fine Gael TD Michelle Mulherin and after verbal abuse of President Higgins by anti-water demonstrators in Finglas.

The verbal abuse of President Higgins, while stupid and distasteful, was a 100% legitimate democtatic action.

The firebombing of Mulherin’s constituency office is almost certainly a criminal response to what looks like her fraudulent misuse of taxpayer’s money.

The conflation of both events by the Irish Independent is just the latest indication of the newspaper’s evolution from an objective and professional media outlet into a mouthpiece for certain political and business interests.

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