Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald is a political prostitute

When I read this article I genuinely thought it was a joke.

Junior minister Dara Murphy is charging supporters €85 to have breakfast with Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald to raise funds for his general election campaign.

I’m not going to mince my words here.

Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald is a political prostitute. Junior Minister Dara Murphy is also a political prostitute. The man who organised the event, Fine Gael trustee Jerry Carey, is a political pimp.

The Minister’s office does not belong to her to abuse as she wishes, it belongs to the people of Ireland. The power and prestige of her ministerial position was not bestowed upon her so that she could abuse that power by engaging in sleazy election campaigns.

Her actions are disgusting and immoral particularly in light of what has happened to the people of Ireland since 2008.

I spoke about this yesterday on 96 FM where the presenter described my comments as ‘strong language.

He’s right, it is strong language but it’s well past time that Irish citizens spoke out against this abuse of democracy; it’s well past time we called a spade a spade.

Some might say I’m too harsh in my comments. Here’s why I’m angry.

Hundreds of thousands forced to leave their country because of political corruption.

Hundreds of thousands out of work because of political corruption.

Over a hundred thousand struggling in desperation to pay their mortgages because of political corruption.

Over a hundred thousand children living in poverty because of political corruption.

The suicide of thousands of citizens as a result of the stress caused by political corruption.

Millions who have lost hope in their own and in their children’s future because of political corruption.

Not only is this political prostitution disgusting, it’s also extremely stupid.

The number of people attending this scam will be tiny; they will almost certainly be people who are conservative and loyal members of the establishment. The scam will raise a couple of thousand and perhaps the promise of a few votes.

Meanwhile, judging from the reaction on the radio, thousands of Cork voters will rightly reject those who stupidly and arrogantly persist in abusing democracy.

Minister Murphy has warned (threatened?) that if Fine Gael is not leading the next government the economy will be severely damaged.

I have some news for this political prostitute and his fellow Fine Gael cronies.

Fine Gael will not be part of the next government; the party will be lucky if it still exists after the next election.

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The political prostitutes and their pimp

3 thoughts on “Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald is a political prostitute”

  1. Absolutely spot on Anthony.

    Hang on though isn’t prostitution known as the ‘oldest profession’.
    If them fuckers had any professionalism or indeed any sense of history they’d be ashamed when remembering those who went before them who gave so much more than a poxy posh breakfast to win the freedoms that the parasitic gombeen bastards now enjoy…..

  2. What continues to surprise me Anthony is that Irish people continue to allow this kind of gombeenism without reaction. On hearing that money is being syphoned from motor tax to keep Irish water in funds is another reason to turf these criminals out as soon as possible.

  3. The people who attend those orgies of self-abasement and congratulations (an odd combination, I admit) are always the same, offering to lick the cum off the shoes of the political elite in return for the equivalent of a hand shandy round the back of the bike sheds when they need one.

    I say this in case Fine Gael start to think they’re somehow special to their pimps. Interesting that Tsipras of the Greek Syriza party said something this week on the lines of “we need to act fast because this time next year we’ll be as corrupt as the other parties”. Wish I could find the exact quote.

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