Gleeson’s mealy mouthed apology

Former AIB chairman Dermot Gleeson, predictably, is the latest guilty individual to pass on the blame for the catastrophe visited on Ireland and its people.

The great recession of 2008, the worst the world has seen for eighty years didn’t start in Ireland or in the Irish banks. But there’s no doubt that there were decisions made in AIB which made things worse than they needed to be for citizens, for employees and for shareholders. I wish to express my sincere regret for my part in those events.

So, AIB made some bad decision but it was the global crisis that’s really to blame. Nothing to do with the rampant greed and criminality in the financial and political sectors, criminality that is continuing unchecked as I write.

I include below a full outline of the financial impact Gleeson had to endure for his mealy mouthed apology.