Olivia O’Leary: Waiting for the penny to drop

I have never, ever understood why governments have allowed public housing stock to be sold off.

This is the incredible admission of ignorance by Olivia O’Leary, one of Ireland’s most experienced, most respected journalists.

Speaking on the subject of social housing Olivia O’Leary demonstrated a disturbing inability in joining up dots.

Here are just some of the dots even the most greenhorn journalist should be capable of joining.

Decades long record of rampant corruption in the planning process.

Very obvious corrupt links between political parties and property developers.

Avalanche of planning corruption revealed by the 14 year long Mahon Tribunal.

And in case Ms. O’Leary’s memory is not the best – the cancellation by the current Fine Gael/Labour government of inquiries into planning allegations at six local authorities.

Or, if all that digging is too much for Ms. O’Leary she could, in a reflective moment, ask a very, very simple question.

Who benefits when politicians farm out social housing contracts to property developers?

Penny dropping?

No, oh dear.