Renua makes yet another disastrous decision

I see Lucinda Creighton continues to make disastrous decisions as she struggles to build some credibility for her party.

She has just appointed the former political editor with the Sunday Independent, John Drennan, as director of communications and political strategy.

So why is Drennan’s appointment a disaster? Well, he firmly believes that Tanaiste and Labour Party leader Joan Burton is a great political leader.

By uttering this opinion Drennan has destroyed any credibility he may have as a political advisor/strategist.

But then again anyone who thinks that the criminal politician Haughey was a great man never had much credibility to begin with.

Here are some quotes from an article Mr. Drennan wrote for Magill magazine in 2005.

Why Haughey was never found to be corrupt:

Mr. Haughey was merely following precedents set by such illustrious figures as O’Connell and Parnell.

Reason for perception that Haughey was corrupt:

Haughey’s ‘corruption’ is the fantastical creation of a petit bourgeoisie of Tim Healy-style hysteria mongers, whose insipid viciousness explains their expertise in the price of everything and their ignorance about the value of anything.

On taking money from businessmen:

Of course Mr. Haughey did take money from Ben Dunne and other public-spirited businessmen. However, this was for life-style as distinct to political purposes.

On Haughey’s ‘insourcing’ (theft) of the FF leader’s allowance:

It was in payment for putting his home at Kinsealy at the service of the nation.

On Haughey’s tax problems:

Mr. Haughey did have some minor tax problems. However, unless you are in love with the lifeless technicalities of accountancy it would be easy to believe a gift is not a salary.

On Haughey’s refusal to cooperate with tribunals:

Some would argue that a refusal to obey those semi-legal, amoral instruments of oppression that collude with simpering creeps like Frank Dunlop as both try to save their respective skins was a genuine act of patriotism.

So…best of luck with that appointment Renua.