Irish Times: Living on planet Irish Water

Here are some quotes from an editorial in today’s Irish Times entitled ‘Salvaging Irish Water’.

There is no question of abolishing charges.

Irish Water will remain.

The notion of returning to a discredited, fragmented local authority system is risible.

It would seem that the editor of the Irish Times lives on the same planet as Irish Water and government ministers.

One thought on “Irish Times: Living on planet Irish Water”

  1. I was shocked to see the headline news flash in your newspaper stating,
    SHOCK NEWS:SINN FEIN/ IRA admits Twin Towers attack .

    In all my days I have never imagined that would come from a newspaper in Ireland.
    I would like for you to put in your newspaper any and all of the articles you have that can support that fact , their names, and how they can be reached for us the Irish in America.

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