O’Brien adrift in shark infested waters

Oh dear, could it be that ‘poor’ old Denis is in trouble?

O’Brien has cancelled the $2 billion flotation of his Caribbean and Pacific islands telecoms company Digicel less than 72 hours before its shares were due to begin trading in New York.

The failure to float has been dismissed by O’Brien as a minor affair but it is no such thing.

The company built up a debt of $6.3 billion in preparation for the launch so the failure to launch means a good chunk of O’Brien’s money/assets is floating around unprotected in a financial market full of greedy capitalist sharks.

These ruthless sharks, and O’Brien is one of them, can smell the blood of a wounded victim a mile away and will quickly move in for the kill.

In the vicious world of rogue capitalism cannibalism is as common as the greedy exploitation of resources belonging to ordinary decent people.