Who's watching the watchers?

“Is it normal in peacetime that the Army would access this information in this way?”

asked Pat Rabbitte after it was revealed that the army had used the Criminal Justice (Terrorist Offences) Act to access the personal telephone records of Irish citizens last year.

He further queried:

“Am I the only one who thinks it odd that according to the Data Protection Commissioner, the gardaí made over 10,000 requests in 2006, the equivalent of almost 30 requests daily to access records.”

Oddest of all, however, is that the High Court judge designated to have oversight of the legislation and to report to the Taoiseach, says the documents he has inspected related to those located in the premises of the Army. No report about Garda requests for access has been laid before the Oireachtas, as is apparently required.


Tens of thousands of requests for access to personal telephone records on Irish citizens are made by the police and army.

The legislative requirement that a report on such activities be laid before the Oireachtas was not complied with in respect to the Garda requests. It is not known whether the High Court judge designated to oversee the legislation has the power or the will to question such an omission.

When the Taoiseach, Bertie Ahern, the man ultimately responsible for the civil rights of Irish citizens was asked if he was happy that proper procedures were in place, he said he could not answer because he did not have the facts.

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  1. just learning the computer,please allow for any mistakes, very interested in public inquiry,ouestion re the present interest in the juvenile justice system,how many juveniles were locked up in portlaoise prison when brian lenihan senior was min for justice from 196468 michael o morain,196870,paddy cooney 197377,and last but not leasthow many children under 16 were in st patricks institution when c,j,h was justice min from 196164,june 1964,

  2. had to make a few phone calls,the watchers would have been,peter berry,risteard mac conchradha,andrew ward,roger hayes,patrick a terry,michael j,donnelly,john b,olden,paul murry,vincent mc pherson,richard crowe,dermot cole,michael mellet,the governors,kennedy,st pats,kelly portlaoise,the following for mountjoy,paddy byrne,paddy hayes,rooney,barry,mc fadden,frawley,neylon,foran,for cork,patrick crowley,the only decent person in the whole rotten system was fr,denis bourke of the oblate fathers inchicore,if the deleted parts of the 1966 prison report were hilighted instead of been hidden like all the other abuses of the time,michael mc dowell would not have the problems he has today,take note cormac lucey,

    had to make a few phone calls,in light of the present interest in the juvenile justice system would it be possible to find out how many juveniles were in portlaoise when brian lenihan senior was min,for justice from 196468,michael o morain 196870c,j,h,196164 june,how many under 16 were in st patricks instution,was this legal at that time,the watchers were peter berry,risteard mac conchradha,andrew ward,roger hayes,patrick a,terry,michael j,donnelly,john b,olden,paul murry,[michael mellet richard crowe dermot cole vincent mc pherson]governors st pats,kennedy,portlaoise kelly,mountjoy paddy byrne,paddy hayes,rooney,barry,mc fadden,frawley,neylon,foran,and the only decent person out of the whole rotten system was fr,denis bourke the oblate fathers inchicore,musent forget arthur broomfield and p,j,mc evoy they done their own thing,if the 1966 prison report wasent deleted the way it was instead hidden like all other abuses of that time ,michael mc dowell may not be in the trouble hes in today[take note cormac lucey]i dont really know yet where james kirby,stephen magner,des matthews frank dunne fits into all this secrecy,if stephen delaney is still around and i think he is he could probably throw some light on my queries,but when i think of it if finian fallon cant get answers then i most certainly wont,but i should because a gun was put to my head by a dective in ash st for no good reason when mr fallons senior murder was being investigated,to finish i would like to say to all those i contacted over the last 44 years and who turned a blind eye to injustices,it is that blind eye that has created todays society ,take note those in carr communications,who dident communicate im shure u know who you are,never cut the hand that feeds you,and to your neighbour in greek classics thanks for been human,at the end of the day we are all only passing through this tiny little place called earth,we came into this world as good humans with nothing we will leave it with nothing the only things we can leave behind is good or evil,in the form of our family and friends

  3. my last reply vanished?it was to do with when illegal drugs first entered irish prisons,the padded cell straight jackets,solitary confinment,bread and water punishments,the whitaker report,the 1985,dec,4th debate in seanad eireann volume 110,and the state prisons are in today because of illegal practises over many years,and what constituted the makeing of a persons character from their earliest experiances and never once bumping into an expert on these matters,when a prisonrr strongly objected to been housed with those who were doing illegal drugs his first day in the jail 25march 1973 he was packed off to cork prison for his troubles on 28 march away from his family and friends,at least their was no drugs in cork at that time,u could get all the state prescribed drugs u wanted,it also referred to 129 documents i gave into michael keatings house in the 1980,he i believe wrote a book some time later,so i will say to the power brokers and watchers there is a need for further review of cases after all normal appeal procedures have been exhausted,despite all the new laws that have been passed recently,their should also be a historical unit attached to the new garda ombudsmans office,are people entitled to find out all thats on state files about them,do the minutes of reports get released after the 30year rule?{visiting committees}john lonerghan might know i gave him enough details a couple of years back,he could start with 11th june 1979 visiting committee applications,slan for now,

  4. inequality has a lot to do with the causes of crime,so does the past and social enginerring{i have always called it the grey haired man syndrome}it is quite obveious that all the alleged experts who have squendered millions on the irish legal system havent a clue what they are doing as todays crime rates will show, more than lightly the same people and their extended family and friend are still running the show that were there in the 1960s,as i said in my correspondence to frank clarke {now judge clarke}compare is the key word when it comes to equality,i probably gave him as many documents as i gave emily o reilly ombudsman,to what avail i will probably never know{what do u think ms terry prone?}as for the integrity of politicians every political party heard from me over the years and all those i was led to beleive that were honest when i was a child turned out to be false,all we were thought in school about our superiors was also false, there are very few alice leahys{trust}or christine nobles i this country{isent that right brian farrell ex r t e}ego and image is the false gods of our time,so i hope to bump into some of these experts on crime and the causes of crime to explain my logic against their ideology which hasent worked since the foundation of the state,i was reminded that sean lemass was a stand in min for just,octnov 1964 and des o malley 197073as well,so my quiries are from june 1964 to dec 1981 which would mean nameing other min for just,paddy cooney,gerry collins,jim mitchell,there is supposed to be gaps in the data collection in relation to youth justice i would to hrar what sean aylward has to say on that matter ,and also was judge eileen kennedys lost report ever found and is there a copy of it anywhere,the ironic thing is she herself sentenced 14 year olds to st patricks institution,and these kids werent from foxrock or killiney no they were north and south side inner city as they still are and probablt their families before them and it wasent by accident it was social enginerring by the grey haired men,anyone who was ever unfortunate enough to end up in a garda station will know what im talking about,to finish while the new and future leaders of our country had their knees up in the russell hotel the juveniles that were been throwing around the irish prison system the majority who couldnt read or write were relying on a mr con concannon 100 st stephens green to advocate on their behalf to enforce their constitutional nd legal rights in the high court thanks mainly to judges brian walsh and o dalaigh,so if certann organisations want to research juvenile data its to be found in the bowels of the four courts ,the prisons and the dept,of justice, slan

  5. just back from watching the squib of a debate on r,t,e,1, it reminded me of pat mc cartan years ago when he said:as a td {1987}my goal is to break the conservative monopoly that has stifled irish politics for over 60 years im not afraid to take on the vested interests im on the side of the people,{hes now a judge}?so while were on the subject of the legal system again,there was a case in the high court some years back where a private investigator from galway was granted an order directing the then garda commissioner pat byrne appoint an unbiased officer to investigate an assault and to seek a declaration that the probe had been inadequate due to bias,now this word bias has a very strong bearing on the causes of crime as well,i recall a statment made by a protector of the state that you could go into a maternity hospital and pick out the future trouble makers{criminals}the new ombudsman for gardi should pick up a copy of taken down in evidence by leo regan,it would give them some idea how to form future policy, they would also have to brush up on our old industrial and reform instutions,i dont think schools was ever the proper word for these places,its not the legalities of legislation that makes justice its the equality that counts,{one persons justice can be anothers tyranny,in fact erskine childers forecast todays society if you dont give dignity to communities you wont get it back,hopefully the next government will take note,slan

  6. hi still cant get to grips with this keyboard,so if anybody happens to read this they have my permission to rewrite itin an articulate manner and post it on other sites,maybe paul o mahony or father harry bohan would be interested,for the record the people who get caught up in the criminal legal system are not just mere statistics for sociological research neither are those with mental illness,there was supposed to be a european social charter ratified in 1964 and came into force in 1965,nobody must have informed the dept,of justice or the prison authorites at that time i wonder has the 1996 childrens bill made any differnce?between bureaucracy and never getting any true and honest representation by those who are supposed to provide it under the constitution and the european convention on human rights is it any wonder its a divided society as articulated by alice leahy and others in the book freedom licence or liberty?as well as having the public brainwashed with politics use have been fooling them since the begenning of time as to the real reason and causes of crime{define crime}then tell me it is not socially engineered by the grey haired men,just like wars etc,to quote rose kennedy “god has taken three stalwart sons equipped and eager to do his work here on earth,and left me a retared child who can contribute nothing ,but must receive benefits rather than bestow?unquote,as to turning a blind eye to injustices as well as FEAR u will find the following in the book i mentioned above,”first they came for the communists,but i was not a communist so i did not speak out,then they came for the socialists and trade unionists,i was neither so i did not speak out ,then they came for the jews ,but i was not a jew so i did not speak out and when they came for me there was no one left to speak for me,{something like the outsiders and disadvantaged of this world}i suppose thats the malaise of a class society created by the hidden hand of the same grey haired men,if you doubt my word just check out how drugs were really allowed take a hold on working class communities who had the power to stop it from getting into the country who denied it existed for years while those affected by it knew better,who are now saying there is nothing wrong with our mental health system?who really oulls the strings not just of our governments but governments around the world?who are these grey haired men any and why are they allowed cause so much pain and misery? could the devils advocate be really true,is that why god gave us all a soul?over many many years i have read articles that i could relate to but later found out the authors werent anything like you thought they would be in the flesh,not in looks but in spirit personality truth and the power to listen,then if they were really going to give pratical help and advice do so dont give those in geneuine need false hope,slan

  7. for the attention of dr,ursula kilkelly law faculty university college cork and philip bray who is going to write a book on his 30 years experiance on been a prison officer in limerick”those who forget history are doomed to repeat it”thats why dermot kinlen insp,of prisons needs to get more support with his work from the next gov,than he got from the last under mick mc dowell,Governments might change but civil servants dont not in the dept,of gustice{and no the G is not a mistake}just check all the reports and recommendations made since 1964,has anything changed for the better?how much was spent on these reports how many were implemented and who gained most from them?most of them were influenced by self interest and not the interests of the wider community,for instance the kennedy and frank martin reports where are those reports today,the irish penal reports for 1966 and 1982 what was done about those reports?its the traditional mind set of hiding abuses that are also a cause of a chaoatic juvenile legalsystem,”as the story goes a civil servant is a ministers servant”As noel conroy himself said There is likely to be some resistance to the new ombudsman?Where did that sit with michael mc dowells speech in geneva 13,7,2000?Or peader cowens speech in the dail in 1960,it seems to me that it has always been recommendations vs implementation official and established procedures vs lifes reality is it any wonder so many people kill themselves?they are told to look for help but its seldom there,not when they really need it anyway, arrogance vs probity dishonesty duplicity vs integrity and honesty its enough to drive anyone to drink and drugs,everything i learned in school was false you were never prepared for the real world,because someone may be inarticulate dosent mean they have to be dispossed by a system and constitution that is supposed to cherish all equally,or relegated to the margins for that matter,there is no true and honest mechanism for an independent complaints procedure to be carried out in this country by those who feel marginalised,the most they can expect is deciet,exclusion,rhetoric and hypocrisy from the power brokers and their agents,most of my complaints and grievances over the years have been met with silence or deception, when you treat people as statistics in might come back to haunt you,slan

  8. i hope ivana bacik.eoin o sullivan and ian o donnell get to read this web page.there is also a book called “wasted”by mark johnson an ex drug addict who i beleive helps form government policy on crime and drug prevention in england.Could that ever happen in ireland?Or as i stated in some of my replies has a certain very elite group got the legal system wrapped up for themselves.maybe some irish researchers who make their liveing from the subject of crime and its causes can carry out a thorough analysis of the official version and the true reality.For example {whistle blowers in government depts}if these people are terrified to hilight wrong doing and rightly so for fear of reprisal what chance does a member of the public have?{define crime}i would bet my life and thats what it normally takes.that the inconvenient truths im inquireing about will be stonewalled by the dept.of justice and anyone attached to that dept whether michael mc dowell is there or not.i only met the man once and that was before i sent more documents{he understands wasted}to another judge in the four courts who dosent like his court time been wasted.bias acute anxiety and depression is part and parcel of been born on as they say the wrong side of the fence.It dosent mean you have to lie down and die as bertie is finding out.no if you have a family it is your duty to make shure they do not experiance what you did in your own life espically if that experiance was constantly negative.And therein lies the research that i personally have never been seen done by anyone in the forty odd years ive been writeing about the irish legal system.if anyone has noticed over the years senior gardi go from that job to be barristers to heading security firms {private investigators}to useing their connections to spy on peoples private information.but always you will notice backing the rich and powerful?Even ex prison governors work in major insurance companies.Do they also make use of peoples personal files?So the next time there is going to be an investigation into the causes of why it is from six postal districts the prison population comes maybe those who do the research will ask those who come from those areas and not always rely on bias information from those who know nothing about educational poverty and bureaucratic neglect.AN example of that can be found on indymedia.slan

  9. hi back for another rant of incoherent illconceived ramblings{but there is a very serious human message in here somwhere and thats the point}i have read emily o reillys latest statments in the papers about been{forced}to issue three statutory notices to the dept.of justice {demanding}information.she also complained of poor record management by public bodies where little or no paper trail is kept?she also stated that the f.o.i. was to improve public services by making them more accountable to the public{humanbeings}i was glad to read that one of the bodies that is most LIKELY to grant full release is mental health agencies.i also hope ms o reilley has all my documents given to her and everyone else in good faith.Like the writings on this web site i have always wondered if they took my experiances and pain seriousely and that of my family.?but people from my background are i wont say immune but conditioned to the powers that be bullshit from years of official neglect.Take dublin city council as a starting point.they have a socalled charter like a lot of other public bodies that states”We are committed to providing an efficent and courteous service to all our customers.”what if you have a complaint against them and you are not a customer of theirs?”your treated like an idiot you are made to feel like crap.nine times out of ten you are just ignored or sent through a bureaucratic maze.hopeing you go away or just drop dead with a bit of luck.you are treated as if you and your loved ones dont exist .so where does an inferior complex come from?Why do some unfortunates end up in prison after not been able to take any more and just explode in utter frustration?As for the courts and the constitution why is one judgs court order taken more seriousely than another especially when it involves those from a working class background.ie the special previlage given to banks insurance companies etc.etc. is it because the elite have shares and a vested interest in thes companies?What good is a constitution and human rights law if you cant afford to take a case to court against your tormentors?The underclass and unconnected are treated as societal junk or refuse which should keep dublin.c.c.in a job for a long time to come they say the working class spawn enough criminals to keep the prisons full for years to come so that future generations of cival servants wont have to worry about paying off their mortage or sending their children to college and spawn more george redmonds into the bargain?those who feel and think that they are better than others have always projected their demigod experiances on to their percived underdogs.When your treated like an animal for long enough is it any wonder some fall into the trap of carrying out animalistic deeds?Wheres the impartiality for those who are so used to experianceing contempt.the people i refer to are more likely to recive more negative rights than positive rights under the constitution and our courts of law.How do the powers that be honestly expect people with those negative life experiances to act CIVICMINDED?IF mr.fitzgerald former county manager expects to make change to the most neglected estates in limerick he wont do it from the comfort of his council office.(people are not just a bunch of official “FILES”.If emily o reilly gets her way with the dept.of justice they will find that out.Maybe thats what they are terrified of.ITS about time this country and the next government of the 30th dail addaressed the core issue of social injustice.it is supposed to be that the FAMILY UNIT is “sacrosanct”under the constitution why then is there no truth.transparency.oppeness.and above all accountability when the head of that family unit trys to expose wrongdoing and injustice?by the socalled upstanding members and institutions of irish society?Is it the case that some family units are more sacrosanct than others just like the judges court orders.p.j fitzpatrick courts services might have an opinion on that?the society thats portrayed by the media is an illusion.Just like equality the irish version of equality is so called working class alleged criminals are dragged through the garda stations.courts.prisons.mental institutions and then the streete.The nice friendly progressive types who normally brownnose corporate masters set up their own tribunals never go to prison not the prison juveniles experianced in the 1960sin ireland anyway which begs the most unasked and unanswered questionwhere were the defenders of law and order all those years and why dident the gardi investigate all the wrongdoing thats been exposed so far at these same tribunals?How much could have been saved for hospitals.education.(crime}the elderly.and proper and humane prison management.Our constitution and our laws rules and regulations are not just about sectional interests its about all who live on this island whether some power brokers like it or not.I think that over forty years of writings been oppressed and ignored would make any sane person feel discrimanated against.and since the equality authority has heard from me even when mr.mills was in office as with ms o reilly and she still having some clout maybe some day they can explain to me why nothing constructive or practical was ever done about as far as im concerned very valid complaints that affected my family unit over many many years.if judges brian walsh.niall mc carthy.frank martin dermot kinlan etc etc had the decency to answer my correspondence all delivered by hand{my documents that is}i dont see why some runt in the courts.city council.insurance .banks.cant be helpful and civil as most of their charters state.So really is the pen mightier than the sword .gun.bomb>i suppose by useing the name putin could be reason to be always on guard .whos name or instiution would make you as wary and be on guard in ireland or would that be the figment of an over active imagnation.i look forward to berties next government i even have a letter from him dated 19867.and hope through equality education and above all inclusion of the marginalised that all those contplating future tribunals find within themselves a conscience”but for the grace of god “that homeless person could be me or one of mine.slan

  10. the word impartiality keeps cropping up by people like me who feels they were persecuted over many many years.but when you read that denis o brien feels the same people like me dont know wheather to laugh or cry.he made a statment”Hiding documentation is a very.very serious and a {new low}in the way tribunals WORK in this country.Does he honestly not know that it is the culture of the so called professionals to treat the majority of the {lower class}in this undemocratic way?no matter how serious or minor their issues are.It is just as well that mr o brien has the means to hilight his personal grievances.He may have better luck in the european courts of human rights than i had useing the paupers route of the petition process that was a more serious matter that he now experiances.Mr o brian as far as im concerned hasent a notion about unfairness.bias.suppression.onesided vendettas.information fishing.hearsay.rumour.prejudice.As he says himself he will be reclaiming his expenditure from the state. but i and thousands like me cant and it not just financial”its the quality of life and health”that can never be replaced.the only thing wrong with the tribunals is they should have been heard in the high or circuit courts.The documents i delivered to harry whelehans home some years back may prove that .slan

  11. min for justice calls on gangsters to talk to gardi?i was wondering if it is the ones that are brought before the courts or the ones that are brought before tribunals?as dr.paul carson once said the socially disadvantaged in our society speak a different language to that of the middle class professionals.this is one of the problems brian lenihan and his advisors need to overcome.you havent seen one person from a disadvantaged background been brought before the mahon tribunal.why is that, is it because they dont get the same representation that those who can financially support political parties get? what is the equality authority and omsbudsman emily o reilly doing about such blantant abuse of inequalities?{nothing}.he should himself talk to fr.peter mcverry in order to set up an honest and proper grievance procedure.then he should approach alice leahy who is a member of the human rights board to get some experiance of what its like for people who come from the worse affected areas of drug crime,the same postal areas that have been filling the prisons and state institutions forever.secrecy is the real cancer in any society if it is used for abusive reasons in order to save someone or some institutions image.look at what happened to janette byrne when she wrote of her personal experiences in her book{if it were just cancer}she hadent committed any crime ,but because of the way her mother was treated ,she said”it is frightening to think that you have to keep quiet or face the possibility of being punished in some way for telling people about your lifes true experiences”?so in relaying that one example i feel strongly that those who make and design social policy dont and cant understand the nature of certain problems in society .qualifications will never add up to practical every day experiences in disadvantaged areas.i read an article once by prof.john dillon who said special interest groups would thwart any national debate on serious crime that might focus on their inadequacies?it would be interesting to hear auxl.archbishop eamonn walsh view on that.however mr.dillon made a lot of suggestions in his article which i repeat here.there should be as wide a spectrum of organisations and interests as possible,not just lawyers prison staff police {but social workers prisoners rights organisations drug addicts anyone at all who has experience of the problems but also a persons point of view.all the dimensions of the causes and cures needs to be brought into the open.{now heres the serious bit}the fact that powerful forces intimately concerned with thes problems do not at all want any general discussion of these issues,as any such discussion would inevitably focus on their inadequacies.i refer of course to the dept.of justice senior echelons of garda siochana the legal profession {all of whom i have personally been writing about since 1964}how honestly will the min.for justice be{allowed}to tackle crime in all its form?by officialdom that is.the vested interests which are many and powerful will the public ever be told the real truth about the true causes of crime those who control it those who have been manuiplating it for their own personal gain and that of their generational family.to finish i read an atticle on indymedia about the founder of mothers against aerosol and drug abuse who gave many years to that social problem and ended up a victim herself through exaustion.i also read an article from the dir,of public prosecutions office dated 4july 1997 sent by barry o donoghue legal assistant to ass.comm.t.a.hickey stating that the directors decision is uncondititional and irrevocable in so far that he will not prosecute charles bowden for the murder of veronica guerin on any statment made orally or in writing by c.bowden up to todays date,2 any futher statment made orally or in writing which he may in the future make to a member of the garda in the course of theri investigation into possible involvement of other persons in that murder,3any evidence which he gives in criminal proceedings against any other person , this decision may be communicated to c,b,or his legal advisors.yours sincerely b,d….the justice minister could do no harm by also contacting dr.jennifer margaret hayes and dr,gary o reilly in u,c,d regarding teenagers been detained in adult prisons,i wish the minister good luck in his new job im shure he will hear from me in the future as his father did when i delivered personal documents to his castleknock home some years ago.there is one bit of advice i ll give the minister and his dept of justice staff.never ignore members of the publics correspondence or leaving them forever on a reply.what may seem insignificant to to those in power and influence could be enormous to the sender .slan



  12. i wish to extend my deepest sympathy to judge dermot kinlens family on the death of a fearless and honest human being.he will be truly missed by the marginlaised and disadvantaged in irish society.it will be a test of brian lenihans honesty and conviction to see if he replaces judge kinlens role as inspector of prisons and places of detention with someone that has the same courage and conviction to expose the truth as to what really goes on in what is called the”system”a system that judge kinlen said thrives on a mindset of obsession with power,control and secrecy.judge kinlen was not afraid to ruffle feathers in cosy high places by exposing the hidden appalling and inhumane conditions as well as the lack or non existent mental health care.over the years there has been many a speech made by public officials well published to the effect for example{attorney general}paul gallagher”it is the hallmark of a modern civilised and democratic society that it strives for wisdom,truth,and justice.they must be the fundamental aims of any legal system we adopt in our society.(tell that to the parents of what the state refers to as boy !d!}dead at 14years of age in the land of the celtic tiger?those who profess to be nonjudgmental and defenders of independence and impartiality have from my experiance turned out to be spurious more rhetoric than honest of dubious legitimacy.as a judge from australia said if people never felt the “sting”of unfair laws it is hard for them to appreciate the need for reform,he also said people dont realise how important it is to have law reformers who are strong ,courageous and bold,judge kinlen was all of that.and i personally look forward to his last report where he names officials who he felt was guilty of criminal wrong doing,may he rest in peace.to the corrupt mass going officials”let the battle begin”yours paddy the liberties xp 1281.slan

  13. what is it about “rewards”in the form of promotions during the course of high profile garda investigations?or the ethical use of statments of judges like terence finn in the media quoted “david vs goliath” court case where the judge stated {the gloves are off on this one}referring to sean quinn billionaire businessman?does that mean that those less welloff or connected better watch their step?on the issue of equality or lack of where employees of the state do their job in a more forceful manner against those less privileged than mr.quinn is that not discrimination of the lowest order?as the judge said in relation to a summonsbeen issued but not served or acted upon he wants to know why from the chief superintendent,superiatendent,inspector,sergeants,and gardi down the chain of command{line}to come before his court to explain why the summons was not served,a sergant stated that the summons had been issued through local gardi in mr quinns jurisdiction?”meaning”?if the courts and sherrifs departments were investigated you would find the same problems,maybe the rock inquiry could be extended to the courts and the sheriffs office{ass,comm,eddie rock}it could be informal vs formal.the justice system as a whole has always been representative of the privileged the rich and the well connected.judicial prejudices from my experiences was always a class factor.i hope the late judge kinlens latest report goes some way to proveing that ,thats when the minister decides to publish it uncensored?to quote maurice nelligan who is now going to use his influence to remove inequalities in the health system.”he acknowledged that his family have privileged contacts who had rallied to support them in their time of sorrow,{how those who did not have such help managed to cope was beyond his comprehension}unquote.it is also beyond my comprehension or understanding how for over forty years my writings on the criminal justice system has been totally ignored by those with the greatest vested interest in that institution.so like mr nelligan who is going to address injustices and inequality in the health system is there anyone out there who will do the same with the justice and legal system?a fearless advocat like judge kinlen to highlight the injustices carried out against the disadvantaged and marginlaised in irish working class society?because thats where most abuses take place normally by the socalled well educated ruleing class.the next generation of working class children wont be as illiterate as the previous maybe then the class structure of our prison population will change.with the grace of god and diarmuid martin?slan

  14. unanswered questions in the frank shortt case?ba|lf.appeal decision no34 of1976 a.d.34.76.signed t.pomphrett file d76!650 c.m.3279.this refers to an industrial relations issue in 1976 like everything else in its time never properly investigated.you had to be connected then and now if you were to get any kind of justice,either that or become a crook.in other words if you cant beat them join them.? slan.

  15. maybe there is hope after all?if judge neilans and peter connellans remarks are anything to go by.”i am sick and tired of state agencies,they havent a clue”the dept of justice,health,and education dont care one iota about the interests of young people in serious trouble in the state,i wouldnt have them minding sweets,he said.so who are the real voice of irelands social outcasts?ill try some of the people i sent documents to over many years and recently.vincent brown,phoenix mag,fr.brian darcy.eammon mc cann,liam nolan,cardinal daly,mary robinson,nora owen,every minister for justice there was since 1966.musent forgrt eamonn dumphy{up to last year}kevin marron did write a very small article in s,w.but it mattered an awful lot at the time.check petition to min for justice,13,2,1995.john sheils,brian farrell 5,11,1992.rte.bunny carr.petition min justice 27,2,1995.?eogan fitzimons,liam hamilton,rory o hanlon,judges.egan,finlay,{HILL}?mc carthy,arch.desmond connell,”ray burke”,eithne fitzgerald,sunday independent 1,3,195.judge costello,13,4,1995,high ct.patricia mc kenna,put in another context anybody that has professed to be a voice or defender of the underdog{because thats what you feel like}has recived correspondence from me.regarding the “system”as a model of truth and honesty its nothing of the kind ,it is a contest between two sides{like the legal frame work}its played according to certain rules and if the truth happens to emerge as a result of the contest ,thats pure luck,but it is unlikely to,its not something the contestants are concerned with,they are concerned that the game should be played according to the rules,there are many rules and one of them is that some questions which might provide a shortcut to the truth are not allowed to be asked,and those that are asked are not allowed to be answered,the result is that the guilt or innocence is often reached haphazardly,for the wrong reasonsin spite of the evidence,and may or maynot ciincide with the factual or literal truth{petition ref 23795,7th march}substantive unjust issues cannot be resolved this way.it appears that when it involves courts of law it is alleged the courts have no say in state deletion of documents{the contest}in ireland?for instance if an original of a statment was available for the defence to peruse if it so wished ,it woild appear to be the position that statments compiled by the state in a book of evidence may have substantical portions deleted ,such deletion may not be revealed and if discovered need not be explained?as john stalker once said i was a policeman for too long to expect life to be fair ,and i am honest enough to admit to myself that i pushed powerful people and institutions rather harder than a more {sensible} manmight have done.slan

  16. i would like to welcome minister pat carey to the world of the underclass,his words of hope figuratively speaking for those in “social poverty”who experiance exclusion and disadvantage,who for years have been crying out for proper supports that can and would make a real difference to their lives,in other words to someone from my background it would appear on the surface anyway,that mr.carey is going to do something constructive about”class apartheid”which would entail a strong enforcement of human rights and public interest laws,more democracy less bureaucracy?more humanitarian less prejudice,like that shown to cllr.liam kelly and beverly flynn,etc,etc.more good practice less malpractice in peoples every day lives.whatever privileges and regulations apply to law makers should also apply to the underprivileged,this is allegedly so under the constitution and european laws and charters.populist pledges and promises are not good enough anymore.social issues should be resolved and not talked about forever?drugs,crime,and community policeing are just some examples.so with the hope that mr.carey is bringing to his job I HOPE he gives some kind of a “FUTURE”to those in marginalised working class communities.there are good people in these communities who should be given the hope,means,and supports to shape their own and there communities destiny,practical and honest support should go a long way to tackling once and for all “social poverty”and institutional neglect.slan

  17. please tell me ive been wrong these past 44 years,that most of those that have been imprisoned from working class backgrounds were not socially engineered?by “conscious human actions”in order to serve the sole benefits and interests of the grey haired elite?the psychological damage that has been caused to thousands of working class families over many many years should now be properly adressed once and for all.there has and is systematic neglect carried out by corporate mercenaries in the legal system against the working or”underclass”for far too long.criminal courts for the working class vs tribunals for the political and business classes,is that democratic in todays society?is that what the well connected call or refer to as “democratic principles”policies of favouritism,cronyism,and nepotism is whats bestowed on the elite,while pain and misery and uncerternity is bestowed on those who are ignorant to their rights and entitlements.its class immunity vs working class poverty.i will be looking forward to what happens under the community development programme and national development plan {20072013}that minister pat carey has invited communities to participate in?he is right when he said that the rising tide of the celtic tiger hasent necessarily lifted all boats,this is my observation and comments on the issue of social poverty and institutional neglect and class discrimination.”WHAT DO YOU DO”?slan

  18. i wish to state to the watchers that in this life no human story is too small ,and no detail too minor.peoples lawful and human entitlements should not be allowed lapse because of undue delay by the watchers and those in a positionof authority.the same kind of watchers joe duffy gave out about in dec.241994,for instance i will now say to liz o donnell that due course is up,since ive been waiting to hear from you since 511994,13 years to hear from a spokes person on justice.?compare this to the philip smyth case which involved an issue of malicious information he took against the state under sec.12 of the criminal law act but he could afford to do that,plus he has connections?i personally think its a question of class censorship by the comfortably indifferent,those who toppled harry whelehan types.those with dubious and false respectability those who go to mass and communion every day or week.there should be a register of interests for these and for judges,whos to know that a judge who may be evicting you from your home or whatever on behalf of financial institutions etc,has not got shares in those institutions,if it could be shown that they had an interest their court order could be overturned.so yes we will look for judicial accountability as well as sorting out the causes of crime.garda sergeant dies and leaves six million euros.contrast that to what fr.declan blake had to say in the annual report of irish prison chaplains 2005.so im saying again that it is administrative secrecy and exclusive circiles which is bought with power and perks that contributes to crime in irish society,as john boorman said of martin cahill{the general}he admires one who dares defy the might of society.i think mr boorman got it wrong he wasent defying the might of society,he was defying the might of a corrupt and sadistic bureaucratic machine called the system,as he said himself the monks in letterfrack corrupted him and thousands more working class children from the slums of dublin.LEGISLATION does not cover destiny.as conor brady will find out 2261992 this is 2007 where he now sits with carmel foley and judge kevin haugh on the garda ombudsman commission?dr karen looney trinity college might do research on why power brokers who may be able to change things dont.you have the kennedy report 196970,conroy,1970 ,corish,1973,tormey 76,o briain 77,walsh 1980,whittker 82,martin 8990,and god knows what other reports,committees,recommendations,etc and nothing has changed why not?because of this in no particular order,letters to p.j.fitzpatrick courts services 113,1313,1323,get a reply 1823not resolved.letter to judge peter kelly,22102,registered mail r.r.40506743 31e.to all dublin city councillors 131761994.appear in court 32 11192528april and 12 july 1994,{insp.keoghgallagher 262a.complaint no.940291{motor bike cop to house a236 951994.complaint to dpp office 181989 ref,87289 and 890587 111289.ombudsman 1752000,refc155126.mountjoy no.2390,2692000.michael mulcahy 1361994.UNDEFINED RIGHTS IF INDENTIFIED CAN BE JUDICALLYENFORCED,even though they are not in the irish constitution.application to dist court committee 1281994.also to judges egan and mc carthy supreme ct.151192 and 1841994.m.finucane 2941999.p.derossa,5111992.irish council for civil liberties 1321994.pat mc cartan reffkp mc kb138.mr.binchy 2961997,ivana made it to the senate 07.stephen collins pol corr.1991.dist.ct,rules committee 10121993.michael keating actually got 148 documents 1161983.judge costello high ct.13495 also registered 1381994.mr glennon ct.registrar{clerk}2541995.linda kirwin law society ref,m3df,30993,41093,301093.camilla mc aleese 2003.grace hall 13111,ombudsman credit institutions?edmund mcdaid ombudsman ref,inv1599.p,quinn court registrar 1011980.dermot kinlen 1142005.so do the watchers and their sadistic cronies have what seems to be a country wide policy of punishing those who openly disagree?i suppose the doctor who was ostracised from the p.ds.during the week can comment on that.is openness,accountability,transparency,a right an entitlement.or a working class illusion?slan.

  19. try to rectify few mistakes,court services letters of 113.1313.1323.got a reply 18123.still not resolved todate.judge peter kelly letter sent by register post r.r.40506743 31e.22102.garda siochana complaints .members susan denham s.c.,frank smyth .chief suot.james p.sullivan198789.applications to high court 7th,17th,29th may 1979.to dept of justice 17579.21579.28579.to judge neylon 1851979.the following prisoners were in mountjoy in 1979.michael smith,liam mooney,philip o shea,aiden dempsey,willie wynne,martin ward,paul crawley,eddie gaffney,michael cummiskey,dennis kenny,sacco and vanzetti{these werent in mountjoy}died for their beliefs in america in 1927,there are still some people left in todays world who would also die for what they strongly believe in{justice}truth,fairplay,EQUALITY.”A FAMILY UNIT”court registrar to mr justice darcy high court 2251979.judge darcy in refuseing an application under the constitution while the person was not in court to defend themselves done so not on facts as his written judgement of the time will show.if you done the crime do the time to which i totally agree.but when you not only dident do the crime and discriminated by prison authorities compared to other prison inmates,you expect a high court judge to deal with facts,but of course facts ,truth ,injustice dident matter then ,so every one will pay a price as todays society shows.i suppose all those who turned a blind eye for all those years when they were aware of wrongdoing can sleep easy in their beds?the judge said the application {matter}is one for the visiting committee,as stated he wasent interested in facts.today you get off in court on a technacality or fada,how did that come about i wonder?time will tell.slan

  20. this will be short.to quote judge adrian hardiman what happened frank shortt,”WAS AN OUTRAGEOUS ABUSE OF POWER”with the passive cooperation of public servants and others.un quote.it involved perjury,conspiracy and as someone stated “GIVEING UNCHALLENGABLE PRESUMPTIVE CREDENCE”to those in positions of power.{sergeant rob mc nulty”felt this sting,hugh hardiman hasent?so judge sean ryan marian shanley and many others who convene inquiries in posh surroundings would want to get real about the abuse of working class children.WHY WERE THE NAZIS{s.s}protected in ireland by the church and state and those elected to protect irish citizens ignored and contributed to that child abuse ,while protecting mass murders.was it greed ,money ,power,look at all the players of the time,how are their families doing today in an accountable ireland?it is time for the elite and middle class ireland to see the damage they done instead of watching “BIG BROTHER”in their posh surroundings ,got from the {ALMS}of the years of misery and cover up by an alleged honest state and its institutions and passive civil ,public servants.if the north wants redress or closure on its past ,the south should be no different.slan

  21. WHAT MADE THE NEWS THIS WEEK?cynicism and despair, if you live in certain parts of limerick,the stigma of having southill or moyross as an adress is cause for discrimination,now where in dublin did the same thing happen for years in north and south inner city,where do the majority of those who are locked up come from?is there a pattern here or is it my imagination?a bit like the russian journalist larissa arap who was told that she would be locked up if she speaks about her experiences,or if she critices bureaucrats.then you had archbishop sean bradys view on todays irish society?the type of society where profit is god ,before people.where investors thrive on the misery of the less fortunate,where prominent business people,solicitors,judges,clergy,politicians,teachers,cops,are prepared to take large profits in cut priced {REPOSSESSED FAMILY HOMES}and other repossessed property.there was 17.000 homes repossessed in england last year alone.if you notice it would be those who are involved in the process of having you evicted who then try to get your home at a knock down price?is it a myth what fr.brian darcy says that it is a duty for the fortunate to care or look after the less fortunate?take the bailey brothers for instance it appears according to the media that they are going to escape prosecution for corruption as seen in internal memos {CONFIDENTIAL DOCUMENTS?}according to a {SOURCE}a senior garda{easy known m,mcdowell is gone}who it is alleged said “delay was the obvious issue”?so in the end you have colourful quotes,colourful characters,and another colourful coverup.so there will be no criminal investigation .what i would like to know is how many small businesses were crusified and closed down by heavy handed officialdom in the 24years referred to in the mahon tribunal when the baileys were untouchable?last but not least something the majority of the media seemed to totally ignore,just like they ignore the people in moyross and southill,they will report it only if it suits them or their paymasters.it was the right and honest decision of archbishop diarmuid martin to release a report that was carried out in 1962 into the conditions at artane industrial{SCHOOL}this one tiny paragraph in the media stated, has caused a row between the christian brothers and the archbishop over a report that was compiled 45years ago,apparently the christian brothers are “shocked and dismayed”at his decision?i wonder why because in the next two years there will be a lot more been exposed about the abuse of children,these things may have been raised in the dail at question time and then buried but they wont be going away anytime soon.they are on record just waiting to surface.AND SURFACE THEY WILL.slan

  22. prison visiting committees.196481.it has been often stated that bodies made up largely of political appointees can be very egocentric,pompous,and totally driven by political and career ambitions.sec.3 of the european convention on human rights which came into effect in irl,in dec,2003 confers obligations on all state agencies,to respect the rights of all citizens,no matter what their social origin?if their rights are violated an indivual has a constitunal and human right to an effective remedy?even if those violations were committed by those in an official capacity.it is alleged under the equal status act 2000 that any form of discrimination is prohibited?this also applies to services etc,it is also assumed the equality tribunal or authority will ensure effective implementation of the equality acts legislation,some of which entails a more fairer and inclusive society?which makes one wonder why immigrants have more rights in northern ireland than they have in the republic?also in relation to the alleged rights of persons with disabilities,there is an agency i beieive that has a statutory obligation to assist,support,and advocate on behalf of those with special needs,in accessing their entitlements and human rights.in regards to the rights of others the human rights commission has a right of recourse to the courts of law to vindicate all citizens constitutional and human rights.?it is said the commission is also committed to conducting an independent ,fair,open,accessible,accountable,policy towards their remit in the obligations conferred on a countries citizens under international treaties and standards.this includes a persons feelings,emotions,dignity,respect,active citizenship,civil legal aid,espically in the case of a citizen wanting to vindicate a miscarriage of justice.which brings me to the states training authority f.a.s.and a very strange story or{COINCIDENCE}?some years back after been crushed by officialdom and corporate ireland my wife recived a phone call from a stranger who said her name was grace kelly,she said there was a course available for me if i was interested,when i got home my wife gave me the phone number for ms.kelly it was a friday,i rang the number spoke to this lady who said if i was interested in a course she would be interviewing in a named hotel on fleet street on the monday,i asked her what room was the interviews in she said the lobby,i asked how would i know her,she said she would be wearing a particular type of jacket and carrying a certain coloured briefcase,i said ok see you monday morning.my wife thought the whole senario very odd.i had heard some strange stories myself about people winning holidays in competions they never entered,???however on the saturday i went into the hotel and inquired as to fas holding meetings on the monday reception went through the book rang someone and said they hadent a clue as to any meetings they have no record of anything.so on the monday as i turned onto fleet st from westmoland st in the rain with my collar turned up against the elements a male person walked from the lane that leads onto the quays right into my path,it was his jacket that caught my eye red with hells angels biker design on the back,this stranger i was meeting was what was on my mind not the person in front of me,however i went into the hotel which is where red jacket went but i dident see him in there ,i looked left and right seen nobody so decided to sit on the left hand side of the door,shure enough the stated briefcase and jacket came through the door i said grace she said she has two of us for interview i never noticed a girl on the right side of the door,we went to a table near to where this girl had been,we both sat faceing grace kelly,behind grace was a door after a couple of seconds this door flew open red jacket came storming out and proceeded to pull the phone and wires from the reception desk,the person behind him had his gun directly faceing my head just a few steps away ,i dont know how many seconds went bye ,it seemed quite awhile ,all of a sudden both of them ran out the door onto fleet street.no guards had shown up up to the time our interview was over.at least another five or six employees ran out that same door after red jacket and his mate were truly long gone?i done the course finished it ,but im still puzzled by the events of that monday morning.maybe this story should be on the site of “unanswered questions”?

  23. vincent brown writes in todays irish times about those who had carefully cultivated reputations,he wonders were these people entitled to merit and worth,or as he wondered {without merit or worth}i felt he was moralising about the hypocrisy of christians in the way they threw stones at the alleged great and good who had fallen,he alludes to the theory of the christians giveing everything to charity or the poor,the way i see it if mr.brown loves his neighbour as his article implies ,he should trying becomeing a neighbour of the poor, who havent got people to give them a carefully cultivated image or repution, instead of just writing and talking about their plight.his article to me was about those of influence who compromised {his words}their qualities,he asks do we all not compromise the good side of”US”he also says there is something base and cruel about the depiction of fr.brendan smith.vincent has been a watcher for many years of irish society,so has a lot of other people but i never see them do what peter mcverry does the poor dont need charity,they need hands on education and equality.they need the same rights and treatment before the courts and whatever tribunals that are set up to deal with poor peoples issues,i mention in one of my writings the judge saying the gloves are off on this one ?are the gloves off all the time someone from a working class background appears before the courts.it appears to be the case by the makeup of the prison population and all former industrial institutions and places of detention.its an experiment by the grey haired men that should be brought to an end.when someone with power says they could go into a maternity hospital and pick out the future criminals?there is something seriously wrong.a bit like vincents article in todays irish times,{POOR}means many things,it means not been able to right a wrong because of your background,education,money,connections,”QUALITIES”there is something people from my background have in abundance”DEFIANCE”maybe all those who really and truly want a better world will keep that in mind.slan

  24. better still why dident the state take heed to whatpresident childers said in the 1970s,which was “if city life is to become GOOD in the future rather than EVIL people must become mutually and TOTALLY involved in the WELFARE and LIVES of their neighbours?and where michael farrell who watched my wife give a speech outside the gpo some years back said THE LAW AND LITIGATION SHOULD BE USED IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST.the sooner the better i say,it is thought that the ombudsman emily o reilly job is to right wrongs and protect the right of the public to know what goes on about issues that have adverse affects on their lives?yet mary carr said about emily “normally i prefer to take lectures in MATERIALISM from people like diognes who practised what he preached,so when emily sells off her sea front home surrenders her two hundred thousand a year job abandons the trappings of her PRIVILEGRD lifestyie and trappings then i to will be happy to consider the EMPTINESS of materialism?so you have vincent brown going on about compassion and emily about materialism and reglion or lack of?and ms carr been able to tell the nation how she feels about emilywhile all this is going on you have the social problem of underreported SUICIDESin the land of careing christians and compassion?it reminds me of some psychiatrists who spend fiftheen to twenty minutes with a burned out exhausted patient then medicate them for life without exploring the real issues in the persons life.{I SHOULD KNOW}a book contains WORDS words make up sentences sentences make up peoples personal stories,you have fiction as well but an awful lot of fiction mirrors TRUE LIFE nobody owns words they may own the story,and even then yours or anybodies story can be altered to protect certain persons or institutions{DEAN LYONS,MARK NASH}thats why all those whos job it is to investigate complaints on behalf of people from working class backgrounds should under ethics law have a declaration of interests published.reasons for decisions that affects a persons life and that of their extended,family should not have the benefit of secrecy ,because if the secrecy cover up corruption continues you will have in this society an awful lot more EVIL THAN GOOD,this is why we urgently need public interest law used more often in our irish courts of law.AS JOHN MANGAN SAID IN COURT”MY CONCERN IS FOR MYSELF

  25. MY COMMONLAW WIFE AND MY THREE CHILDREN.to which the prosecutor said it was regrettable that threats are made more frequently in”THIS SOCIETY”every day.and the judge who refused to revoke bail said”NO OFFENCE HAS BEEN PROVEN”the reason the paragraph is not cojoined is because like a previous submession half my writing vanished maybe i touched a wrong button frank clarke now judge clarke would want to hurry up and start the compareing,as would all those who turned a blind eye for the last 44years .slan

  26. i have always wondered how you evaluate social disadvantage,or more to the point how do those that never experiance disadvantage get the job to try and eradicate it?the following few news stories might shed some light on the subject.a father pat hogan from limerick had this to say,we must engage with the people ,lead them to take responsibility for themselves ,tell them you have a contribution to make,”GIVE THEM A BETTER SENSE OF THEMSELVES”the challenge must be to encourage them to make a contribution to their own lives ,we need to”ASSIST”people to see what they can do for themselves.now those from finglas who did try and do something for themselves and their community,DIARMUID GAVIN “had this to say,”THESE KIDS HAVE NOTHING,IT IS THIS LAND THAT IS KEEPING THE KIDS OUT OF TROUBLE”if it was froxrock,killiney,or terenure it wouldnt happen,because it is finglas ,no one cares.well gavin sorry to tell you its not today or yesterday that nobody cared and im going to try and explain how and why,many years back before you had a mother in law i sent numrous writings to the woman who would become your mother in law{terry K}in recent years i also wrote to your father in law {BUT}of course i never recived a reply?this week brian lenihan launched another raft of diversion projects to discourage young people from disadvantaged areas becoming involved in crime or antisocial behaviour,and try and prevent them from coming to the attention of the criminal justice?{LEGAL}system.now to try and get your head around the evaluation of social disadvantage you would need to get your father in law{WHO I AM VERY FOND OF}to research the treatment of those who fill our prisons and institutions,who are in the main from a working class background,not like those of the following ilk whos mindset is one of”smugness”just like the bishops in ireland of the 1950s who felt that as they said”were the arbiters of right and wrong even in political matters.the ex attorney general david byrne {MAY}be quizzed about his role in berties house deal? two lawyers david anderson and hugh o donnell may also be questioned in what the now dist.court judge anderson says {according to the media}was “STRANGE”and”INCESTOUS”transactions?both hugh o donnell and david anderson are judges in todays irish court,they are now a part of a system that brian lenihan wants to keep kids from disadvantaged areas away from.the worrying part of the strange transactions that went on is also according to the media is that”LEGAL FILES ARE MISSING”or incomplete?now how do files go missing ?i had reason to go into the masters court some years back in a personal dispute where my legal people wrote to me about what went on in the court i dident have to be there,the other side a financial institution wrote to me with a totally different version as to what the outcome was on that day{WHICH SHOULD BE IN THE JUDGES MINUTE BOOK}however i spoke to master hills secetery who was a right ghoul with an attitude as if to say who do i think i am with that bertie ahern {DUBLIN ACCENT}questioning her not only questioning bit demanding to see my legal files,she relutantly brought me down the stairs to the central office ,my file was not in a fileing cabinet but {HIDDEN}on top of what i would describe as a very old fashioned wardrobe,to say this secetary was disresptful would be an understatment,by coincidence i later interviewed harry hills sister for a job?to finish the ex a.g. contacted hugh o donnell with{INSTRUCTIONS}that bertie wanted his files removed from the late gerry brennans office.AND WITH THE APPROVAL OF THE LAW SOCIETY david byrne contacted david anderson to take over the management and sale of mr brennans PRACTICE.{AS I HAVE ALREADY CONVAYED TO NOW JUDGE FRANK CLARKE}”COMPARE”so contrast all the above writings and what did the law society do about my problem S,F,A.slan

  27. valid complaints vs corrupt justice?the US and THEM syndrome.WILL WE EVER HAVE A FAIRER AND INCLUSIVE SOCIETY?NOT UNLESS THE US AND THEM MALISE IS TACKLED.ALICE LEAHY,was in the news again this week she said homeless people were being offered services which were theirs by right,as a trade off for filling out forms called”HOLISTIC NEEDS ASSESSMENT”form.and in answer to that the states homless agency said the form is a vital element in its strategy of eliminating long term homelessness by 2010.?they also stressed that homeless people will not be “TREATED LESS FAVOURABLY”if they do not fill them in.ms.leahy has asked the data protection commissioner ,what steps are been taken to ENSURE that information placed about individuals on computers or other wise is not libellous,and when offences are {ALLEGED}that due process and natural justice have been complied with,and ensure their rights are respected and protected.which brings me to the question of fairness or unfairness?which is worse the allegation of BLACKMAIL orKIDNAPPING?take two irish ordinary citizens one has power and influence the other dosent,the only thing they have in common is an “ALLEGATION”one was arrested in dec.1993,the other opened a bank account in 1994 also dec,even easter april 2006 had a lot of hardship thrust onto these two ordinary citizens,and by coincidence the year 2000,held enormus stress and strain for both citizens,both are still suffering today both claim unfairness about the inferences that have been made,ironically there is no authoritative judicial “DETERMINATION”as to the meaning of certain word “INFERENCES”been one.so it shouldnt really matter what way legalease is used the ordinary person with ordinary language has the same human feelings when accused in the wrong ,they may not have the same ambitions or the same type of friends but what they do have is been born to die,im shure the also bleed when cut .but the question is which is worse an allegation of blackmail or kidnapping?the bizzare thing is the person who says it is very unfair to be hearing these stories of{BLACKMAIL} against him is in reality a friend of the person {BANKER}who was kidnapped.slan


  29. the corruption of silence still persists,when will any irish president ever sign into law a corruption of silence bill?whats in the news this week.the innocent keanes by john gilligan limerick city council,he had one issue in an otherwise “FACTUAL”piece which he takes “EXTREME”issue with.the article he refeered to “LIMERICKS PROPSED NEW MANHATTAN”quoted him as saying the keanes will never be compensated ,he strongly refutes this allegation contributed to him .he says it is a matter of public record that TWO of the keane brothers were involved in the drug trade and paid a “HEAVY PRICE”for that involvement.{NOW THE FOLLOWING SECTION IS THE PART THAT IS NEVER TAKEN ON BOARD BY THE MASS MEDIA}cllr.gilligan goes on to say “WHAT MAY NOT BE SO WELL KNOWN”is that the keanes come from a large {WELL RESPECTED FAMILY}in the community.{A DECENT FAMILY}some of whom have worked long hours over the years to build a few “SMALL BUSINESSES”for themselves “MOST OF ALL THEY HAVE BEEN GOOD NEIGHBOURS”.to suggest that i would tar the whole family with the one brush is”OUTRAGEOUS”and would be {UNWORTHY}of any local representative.he regrets “THE HURT AND OFFENCE”that was caused to the family.to put the above letter in context i will quote “LYN MADDEN”whos life and that of her family is one of constant”FEAR” SHE SAID I AM GLAD MY LIFE WASENT CUSHY BECAUSE ITS GIVEN ME ENORMOUS STRENGTH”?so i personally hope dirmauid martin has the strenght and support to follow through his wish for a true and honest country wide debate on crime and its “TRUE CAUSES”?slan

  30. Padd,

    I am not sure who you are but while comments are appreciated, all of your comments are off-topic from the original post. Do you simply wish to write something every day?

    Your text would be easier to read if you refrained from using capital letters, and used spaces after all punctuation.

  31. well gav left school at twelve worked most of my life except of course when i was in prison.the word “PUNCTUATION”wasent something people from my background learned much about,as a matter of fact thats how the state and its agents got away with so much institutional abuse.the capital letters probably relates to “PAIN”but from my experience ruleing class pain seems to get more empathy from the mass media,courts,political,and white collar professionals than those from working class or underclass backgrounds.the whole purpose of these posts or rants is to show that those who have the job of making the world a better place,have choose to ignore a contribution of 40,odd years of writings in relation as to the causes of crime,as seen through someones eyes who has been through that system.it dosent matter wheather a person can read ,write,spell,or even deaf or {DUMB}what does matter is the so called well educated dosent take advantage of those that cant.but as even someone like you can probably see by all the present day tribunals that is exactly what has been going on for years.”YOU DONT HAVE TO BE ABLE TO READ OR WRITE IN ORDER TO JOIN A CRIMINAL GANG”slan

  32. again i would like to thank gavin for his reply.regarding going off topic only time can really say wheather he is right or not.44 years is a very long time to be ignored by the so called experts on crime and its true causes.thats why todays post is another media news item.A REGLIOUS ICON OR A THUG SPAWNED FROM THE NEGLECTED WORKING CLASS HOUSING ESTATES IN LIMERICK.?artist martin shannon puts his own interpretation depicting liam keane in a quasi-religious pose with a halo over his head .critics say the painting glorifies crime?but gavin hogg got it bang on when he said”the painting is not about glorification,its an “IMAGE”that has been lifted from the press and reproduced countless times,”IT SAYS A LOT ABOUT THE PRESS ITSELF”?he also said its a comment on how different people from different backgrounds “PERCIEVE”people from {OUR}society.another artist said it was a clever parody and a “SOCIAL COMMENTARY”on the state of irish affairs at the moment.check out what fintan o toole had to say on that subject in the irish times 2107,page 16.”HES ABOUT 44 YEARS BEHIND”?then you have ms fiona looney who feels that frances cahill ,daughter of martin cahill{THE GENERAL}should not be allowed onto the late late show,to promote her book about growing up with her late father,it is bad enough she says that a publisher has paid “CAHILL”to “EXPLOIT”her criminal fathers life,but it is shaming that the flagship programme of the state broadcaster should also line her “OPPORTUNISTIC”pockets,she should have the decency and sensitivity to play down her family ties rather than cashing in on them?SO ITS OK FOR EVERYONE ELSE TO CASH IN ON HER FATHERS LIFE BUT NOT HIS DAUGHTER?just as well ms looney wasent in charge of the peace process,THERE WOULD BE NO PEACE.for the record how many terrorists appeared on the late late show?HOW MANY UNDESIRABLES WERE FEATED BY THE MEDIA BROADCAST AND PRINT OVER THE YEARS?is fiona looney another one of those people who does not beleive in an INCLUSIVE SOCIETY.?SHOULD THE CHILDREN SUFFER BECAUSE OF THE SINS OF THE PARENTS?THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE 2007 NOT 1957.heres an ANSBACHER ACCOUNT for all the looneys of this world.”006248″99;0210;10343699″12.WHOS THE BIGGER CROOK?slan.

  33. question?what causes social isolation,how can people from such backgrounds ever be part of a more fairer and inclusive society and how can the media be seen as impartial if editors and owners have a cosy and understanding relationship with politicians and law makers?take two books that were released this week ,one by justine delaney wilson who said if people want to say the book is a load of rubbish ,thats fine.the other by frances cahill who says her father was unfairly vilified and “MARGINALISED”throughout his life,and that her mother now helps alcoholics ,drug addicts in order to try and give them a shred of”DIGNITY”.then you have diramuid martin trying to get a nationwide debate going on the problem of crime and its true causes.maybe he will get his wish by devine intervention?there is a case going on at present in the dublin courts where a businness man stated that he was introduced to a person who he was assured knew everyone in the zoo.i take this to be the criminal underworld?this businessman apparently wanted to get rid of drug dealers that was having an adverse affect on his businness.question how long is this practice by “BUSINNESS MEN”going on in irish life.?then you have a former cabinet minister {LIZ O DONNELL}who has just discovered that irelands wealth can deliver social justice?she lets her readers know that over 10 years ago she visited mountjoy as part of a delegation.where she seen a young prisoner lying on a cell floor,wrapped in a blanket and crying like a baby.when she enquired about him ,she was told he was an addict in solitary for his own protection?”BUT AS A TD SHE WAS ASHAMED”{I SUPPOSE THATS WHY SHE WAS MADE SPOKESPERSON ON JUSTICE}?but now ms o donnell feels there should be focus on ACTION to address critical challenges?when i read that i was going to suggest she ask diarmuid doyle to help liz pinpoint where these challenges lie but notice he is on leave.and lord and behold whos in his place only terry prone who writes in her column”THE TRAUMA OF SERVING AS THE INVOLUNTARY INSTRUMENT OF ANOTHERS DEATH IS INERADICABLE”so it is terry so it is.what does all this writing tell society about those with carefully cultivated images and reputions?WE WILL PROBABLY HAVE TO ASK WILLIE O DEA THAT QUESTION.IN THE MEANTIME STOP TURNING A BLIND EYETO WRONGDOING IT COULD BE “YOU”NEXT.?

  34. the right to silence,the despair of silence vs confidentiality agreements?but sign on the dotted line of this very complicated statment,its good for you and your families future?it is only a simplified revision procedure and you can have your own bail?we will fill in the blank spaces of the already prepared statment you have nothing to worry about ,hurry up i will be late for mass and will miss communion.the thinking of irish mandarins and e.e.c eurocrats,who are quoted as saying”HYPOCRISY IS THE FATHER OF ALL VICTORIES,NAIVETY IS THE MOTHER OF ALL DEFEATS?”{SOCIAL ENGINEERING}its not gangsters brian lenihan needs to talk too, it is a “SOURCE WITH PSYCHIC POWERS OR ICONIC STATUS.”or the {ANONYMOUS SOURCE}the s.w. has,how do you account for the following exclusive story?claudine witnesses “GANGLAND ATTACK”she witnessed according to the media an attempt to abduct and murder a MAJOR gangland figure in broad daylight.claudine who had been showing off her engagement ring the previous night in tamangos nightclub{ANYONE REMEMBER THE GO GO IN ABBEY ST}?was in the company of her parents when the incident happened{is there a secret code in relating to the ring?}however two hoods pulled up beside the above mentioned gangland figure these two are the media says belong to tommy saveges gang him being an international drug dealer thats due back in ireland soon.the story goes on in DETAIL as to what took place in front of claudine and her parents,it is understood?that the gangland figure tried to get into the car claudine was travelling in and the incident has left her”DEEPLY SHOCKED”the gangland figure tried to escape in the back of a skip lorry,his failed abductors escaped before “GARDI ARRIVED”this incident also according to the media was{SPARKED}???????after gardi approached a relative of tommy savage and”WARNED HIM”that an unamed criminal was plotting to murder him.{WELL IT WASENT DECLAN GRIFFIN THATS FOR SHURE}so you have an incident with loads of motorists around ,you have three strangers its alleged from the criminal classes ,two wanting to abduct and murder the other,they are gone by the time the gardi arrive it is alleged,SO WHO WAS THE PHYSIC{SOURCE}THAT GAVE THE PAPERS ALL THIS INFORMATION?}sorry it may have been the source with the “INCONIC STATUS”who anonymously supplied the information,if it was communications were very bad indeedand if the physic informants is correct as mentioned above then diarmuid martin will be reading about more killings in the comeing weeks.but not to worry the victims are all from the working class background of the underclass,the ones that go before criminal courts and not tribunals.”FROM THE CRADLE TO THE GRAVE.KEEP THE DEMAND FOR A DEBATE GOING?slan.

  35. Where did you see this news about this gangland attack involving this claudine or whatever? I am interested in the matter.


  36. so dennis mullins and co are going to celebrate a 40th anniversary.i recall dennis and his then one side kick,who were the first drug squad in ireland,there was a certain cafe at the top of harcourt st and camden st at the back of the bleeding horse that they used to frequent and search certain patrons,mostly the hippie type.mr mullins was very correct at that time late 1960s when he was convinced that drugs {THAT NOBODY UNDERSTOOD}would be a major problem.those that were in england in the early 60s knew better,official ireland of the time would not and did not accept his point of view{just like me and the legal system}.reports at the time about this creeping drugs menace, were dismissed by the government and power brokers of the day.they even cared less the attitude was and probably still is IGNORE the problem and it will go away?im shure when mr mullins is reflecting on the 60s and now he will recall all the barriers that were put in his way at the time by public and civil servants.what do they have to say now?or are they too busy counting their recent pay hike,some as much as 75,000.slan. to adam what part of the claudine exclusive are you interested in?

  37. in 1997 judge matthews said ,never in the history of child care in this state has one child care worker caused so much damage .if these facts teach us anything ,it is we must LISTEN to those who cannot and HAVE NOT IN THE PAST BEEN “HEARD”.?in 2007 geraldine fitzgerald said”what the hell is wrong with people”when she was refeering to the d.p.ps office on their decision not to prosecute her complaints of “BRUTALITY AND CRUELTY”against her parent?it reminds me of a letter i sent my public representative on the 9th november 2000.which could have been a matter of life or death,so does every life count?or is it only those in a certain club{the elite}that matters.for instance it was stated in the media that a consortium of senior gardi will lose up to two million euro because of their dealings “INVESTMENTS”in property through solicitor michael lynn.on the other side of the coin you have those mysterious garda sources who tried to blacken the name of a “GOOD SAMATRIAN”by telline reporters that derek o toole was a thug and a trouble maker and was known to the gardi?it is a known and stated fact that dark and evil deeds are carried out in pursuit of power in the shadowy world of crime and intellingence gathering,watch tonights rte 1,programme scannal.who was it that said that major injustices start as “MINOR”infringements???????was derek o tooles infringement minor?as the morris tribunal will show you speak your mind at your peril.?there were plenty of frank shortts and mc breartys long before the morris tribunal.you are thought in school and church whats right and wrong,and who to look up too,pillars of the community that you were led to beleive can do no wrong{BRAINWASHED}it had to be a shock for many over the years to find out those teachings were very false.some found out the hard way others the easy a lot just couldnt cope.COMPARE judge frank clarke and many other pillars of irish society know what i am refeering too.EITHER THE LAW RULES AND REGULATIONS ARE APPLIED EQUALLY OR THEY DONT APPLY AT ALL.that also includes alleged drink driveing and the process that follows.IF THE PUBLIC AT LARGE LOOK CLOSE ENOUGH THEY WILL SEE THAT “THE GREY HAIRED MEN”HAVE ALWAYS RULED THE ROOST.by hook or by crook.so bishop martin can you or anyone make a real change to the us and them syndrome?slan

  38. yes hanora i have.but back to the subject of class immunity which has raised its ugly head this week in relation to cocaine, the well educated well connected middle and ruleing classes were never touched by the state and its agents over many many years concerning their privliged drug parties,this allowed those same so called well connected morons boast in the media print and broadcast about their exploits,did anything ever happen to them because of their bragging?the blind eye syndrome is alive and thriveing in ireland, if your from the socalled right side of the fence.if you check the social life of dublin in 1911,you will see that not much has changed in relation to corruption and class previlege,those so called public representatives that represented the poor of dublin owned the squalid tenement houses the poor lived in “check out what it has to say about those same landlords”{the 1914 housing inquiry}i thought it a sick joke the recent article in the papers involving dublin city council,ITS COUNCILLORS,the lord mayor of dublin,who cried forcefully ,that they were never “CONSULTED”about the sale of clontarf golf club.and there assertion that they the council has a duty of care to the citizens of dublin to makr shure “certain privileged people” dont enrich themselves at the expense of the public.as joe higgins stated the councils are riddled with politicians who have a vested interest in land matters.like wise when it comes to disadvantaged communities when i said in my posts of 18,july and 18 aug,how is it that not one person from a disadvantaged background has never been brought before the mahon tribunal or any other tribunal dealing with ethics or corruption?there has been a conspriracy of silence regarding privileged societys drug parties by those that rule and run this state{or republic}for decades,the same conspriracy prevailed when heroin started to invade working class communities in the early 1980s.its a political joke to now demand what should have been done thirty years ago regarding drug use and the upper classes.no the grey haired men ruled then and now thats how society is so divided and the law,rules ,and regulations dont apply equally.they say an angel died this week,my angel is the liveing dead as the letter on indymedia will show ,under {historical }in 2000,its about time the corrupt grey haired men started the “social constrution of reality”pat carey says they wont legalise drugs?my angel is now a “state drug addict”she most certainly wasent a “PLASTIC IMAGE”of the medias making.so again diarmuid martin wheres the debate?slan

  39. http://www.tribune Hi everyone back for another rant its a “PUBLIC INTEREST”rant and its to do with the director of public prosecutions and the newly formed garda ombudsman commission.The public interest part is about equality before the law and the independence of the dpps office which was created in 1974,Some acts were passed in relation to that office since its inception
    mainly the criminal justice act 2003 and the garda siochana act 2005.So my query is who represents the publics interest in that institution?Or is it the attorney generals job to keep an eye on our interests,after all there was an act passed establishing the director provides that the a.j. shall consult together from time to time on matters pertaining to the “FUNCTIONS”of the director.And if ever they need to talk it is now after kieran boylan case comments on{www.tribune.ie]under story”gangland list is stolen from squad car?]The whole purpose of been truly independent is not to be beholden to anyone “a joke in irish demoracy”There is already a perception in workingclass communities that certain dark forces or elements[grey haired men]have the power to influence or interfere with the business of the office of public prosecutions.Before i go any further i will quote judge peter kelly”he said a trial could not be prejudiced prior to charges being preferred .So does the public have a “RiGHT”to know?or are institutions whos powers are too great have limited answerability and above all “ACCOUNTABILITY” allowed carry on in secret?Read all my posts and the public{those who are concerned]will see why we are such a divided society.Under the constitution all not certain sections of the community should have equality before the law”take note emily reilly”To finish we will think of well placed”SOURCES”?and an article in the phoenix magazine,What a cretain journalist did not tell its readers is an equally interesting story of corrupt gardi,John O NEILl,who was working for certain underworld figureswho were suspected of involvement in veronica guerins murder in 1996 o neill was working for these men both before and after the journalists shooting,garda john o neill pleaded guilty to charges of corruprion and was sentenced to four and a half years in prison.According to his own confession o neill secured passport documentation for the gang and that one of them told him he was putting hin oneill on the payroll at 500 euro a week.One of the things he was to do in return was to look out for a certain few in the gang,This garda o neill did at a time when the entire garda force in the country[DUBLIN]knew that a certain member of the gang was a suspect for the guerin shooting.Roll on the reasons project and the true and honest independence of the garda siochana ombudsmans office[commission]Also has Diarmuid Martin archbishop of dublin given up hope of a open crime forum if he has ,how does he think those from a working class background feel in relation to “HOPE”/national SECURITY vs ADVERSITY.slan

  40. In June of last year prior to purchasing a site at Thormanby Road / Kitestown Road Howth. Lisney Selling agent market price €12m. I had my Architects meet with Fingal County Council with reference to a proposed Development of a exclusive designer village, we sought nine houses, on conclusion of the meeting seven individual designed houses was agreed in principle with Paul O’Brien executive planner for Howth area. I purchased site. The following week we submitted revised site layout /plans for seven houses for Paul O’ Brien attention.
    By direction of Paul O’ Brein we have submitted three sets of revised house plans, three sets of revised engineering plans and had three pre-planning meetings with three planning applications with Paul O’ Brein from June 2007 to May 2008 finally on the 23rd of May I received a request for additional information, I immediately contacted Paul O’Brien by Phone he informed me that he was happy with heights of the houses but just wanted to satisfy interested parties. He requested a photomontage to show that proposed development would not impact the amenity of the area. We meet with Paul O’ Brien on the 30th of May 2008 and presented the photomontages as directed in the additional information with additional points from Balkhil Road to identify no intrusion of protected views would accure, he inspected the booklet of photos at that meeting he expressed satisfaction that the visual impact was acceptable and the height/ scale/ bulk of proposed development was addressed (as later confirmed in his report). I submitted montage the next day as per his request I expected a grant of planning by late June.
    On June the 25th I checked Fingals website and noticed under decisions a grant of planning which out lined conditions of grant i.e. reductions in height of 300mm to all houses on my site and a reduction of 1.6m to house (G) [Grant attached], we contact Paul O’ Brien to inquire about informative, he informed me that he was no longer dealing with my case although he is still the registered case officer on file , he directed me to Aoife Groggan, I spoke to her about informative with reference to additional pictures, she requested me to ring back on Monday the 30th of June. My wife spoke to Aoife on Monday the 30th of June for over thirty five minutes with reference to the extreme remoteness of the pictures requested some as far as a quarter of a mile from proposed site, Aoife expressed obivious distain for our application and stated that the houses obscured the land horizon which her senior in his report contradicted, (as clearly seen in the photomontages)Aoife was not aware that the grant was posted on the Fingal wed site and was directed to its display with the conditions of the grant in view Aoife informed my wife that this was an error and should not have been posted, the posting was removed shortly afterwards that day. My wifes belief was that our application was going to be refused and stated that this was not going to happen again as was the case last year, Aoife Groggan was the planner who refused retention for my family home resulting in the action by Fingal County Council resulting in my home being demolished. I called David O’ Connor manager of Fingal County Council and Gilbert Power Director of services and left details of my grave concerns of new events and my belief that my application was going to be refused, I was assured I would receive a return call that day, they never replied Aoife Grogan had No known involvement with my planning application and to my knowledge was Paul O’Briens assistant it would seem at a time of Job freezing someone appointed her temporary acting senior planner, a positions above Paul O’ Brien. Her position was not Advertised on the Web or posted internally by Fingal HR.
    It would seem Aoife Grogans first action was not to address her own work load with her new appointment but to overturn Paul O’ Brien’s decision on my grant of planning an extroadinary action in the last week of an application which incurred over five hundred thousand euro’s in revised plans with numerous agreements with other sections of Fingal County Council i.e. Social and Affordable housing I was to supply two houses at a cost of €840,000.00, Parks Department I was to supply a one hundred and sixty five metre wall with railings costing €475,000.00, open space contribution over €300,000.00 and planning fees of €575,000.00 plus the €1.7M in interest since initial agreement with Paul O’ Brien. My application was senior level, for a newly temporary acting senior within days of appointment to overturn an executive planner’s decision to Grant and then remove it and to seek Clarification of additional information without a report or site visit or direction from a senior planner is more than serious negligents.
    It begs belief that a temporary appointed senior planner without consultation to her superiors could overturn her original superior’s decision in granting me Planning and subsequently remove it while there were experienced planner available in her office on that day 23rd/24th of July i.e. Nicholas O Kane senior executive Planner Tom Watts Senior Executive planner Gilbert Power Director of Services and David O’ Connor Fingal Manager.
    My site was zoned for unrestricted residential use unlike Borg Developments adjacent to my site that had serious restrictions attached to it but yet was granted planning for 19 house with heights of 10.6m without the request of photomontages ( planning officer from start to finish Paul O’ Brien), plus across from our site in the SAAO area a 5m height bungalow was granted to be demolished and replaced by two three storey houses with 9.6m height( planning officer Paul O’ Brien from start to finish) there are numerous other recent grants adjacent to our site.
    The consequence of this action places my €35 million project and affiliated companies generating over three hundred and seventy five jobs at risk.

  41. While I am fully supportive of this website I think it is important that the contents are accurate. Specifically, knowing the people to which Mr. Darcy refers I think it is important that a number of issues are corrected. Firstly, it is the policy of Fingal County Council not to engage in pre-planning in instances where the person seeking such advice does not have a legal interest in the site for the very reasons that Mr. Darcy has highlighted. Pre-planning (as clearly stated in the Planning Act) is non-binding and is a mechanism whereby the priciple of devlopment can be established. The fully details of a development will not be assessed until full application stage. It is not a mechanism on which to base the purchase of a site and should not have been used as the basis of Mr. Darcys decision in this instance.

    Secondly with regard to the people in question i.e Mr. O’Brien and Ms. Grogan. Mr. O’Brien is an Executive Planner who has worked with Fingal County Council for approximately two years. Ms. Grogan has been an employee of Fingal Council for in excess of 7 years and has been an Executive Planner for in excess of 3 1/2 years. They are both experienced planners however as is standard practice in the Council, on the departure of member of staff, the longest serving officer in a team (in this case Mr. Grogan) is given a temporary acting position, in this case Acting Senior Executive Planner, until such time as the post can be filled following a formal, and advertised, competition process. The appointment of Ms. Grogan is not at odds with standard policy employed across the Council and it was never a case that she was an assistant to Mr. O’Brien or outranked by Mr. O’Brien prior to her appoinment as A/SEP.

    As the more senior planning officer at the time of the assessmnet of the application, and having a good knowledge of the subject site as a result of being a planning officer in the area for in excess of 3 years, Ms. Grogan was perfectly within her rights as the A/Senior Executive Planner to overturn a recommendation made by Mr. O’Brien where she deemed the development not to be in the interst of the proper planning and sustainable development of the area. With regard to the supposed error on the Fingal website I cannot comment.

    Finally,having reviewed the case it is evident that Mr. Darcy and his wife applied for the development in his wife’s maiden name and not the family name (Darcy) as was the case for previous applications at his home to which he refers. Ms. Grogan was just one of the planners who dealt with several applications for retention of unauthorised works at his home. It was following several applications for refusal of retention by both Fingal County Council and An Bord Pleanala that a Judge ordered Mr. Darcy to demolish several elements of his home which did not have the benefit of Planning permission. It is questionable of Mr. Darcy to insinuate that previous applications made by himself and his wife and resulting enforcement proceedings pursued by the Council had any bearing on the decision making process in relation to the site at Kitestown Road.

    I have assessed Mr. Darcy’s application and it is clear that the concerns raised by Mr. O’Brien in relation to the heights of proposed houses, in his additional information request. As far as I can see the application is now the subject of a first and third party appeal to An Bord Pleanala who, as an independent body, will assess the merits of the proposed development afresh and will issue a decision in due course.

  42. This post is a reply to two gobshites politicians who had quotes in todays newspapers John Gormley and Charlie Flanagan.Mr Gormley said “Anybody who is guilty of white collar criminality should be held to account and they should have the same standards applied to them as apply to [ORDINARY]people”unquote.Charlie said “Criminals should not be allowed work as debt-collectors,people have been intimidated property has been vandalised,by shadowy figures who promise to deliver the monies owed.So have either of these gents ever experienced a visit from the sheriff,or the banks bully boys,so its ok to be intimidated and have property vandalised if its made legal by the courts?Maybe just maybe if John Gormley took the time to investigate just one case of how a so called ORDINARY person is treated by such authorities as mentioned above then he will see how the bankers and their cronies should be really treated.If they the politicians have never experienced such bias then they cant know what they are talking about,and most of them dont.Go to encouragechange at digg.com.slan

  43. Seems like Fingal have a serious case to answer here. I assume that Lucy Quinn is Aoife Grogan as she claims to have carried out an assessment of the site. This type of carry on has gone on too long in Ireland. Let’s get it sorted out for once and for all.

  44. Still here Hanora.
    Have a blog http://EncourageChange.Blogspot.com.
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    Look up the case of Seamus Dalton who was sent to letterfrack for
    six years at ten years of age.And the bribes and inducements that went on in order to keep these institutions full,these bribes were called”subscriptions”today there called political donations?If you have read most of my posts you will see the bias between the Frank dunlops Of this world and the padd o connells when it comes to imprisonment and how different sections of society are treated by the “powers that be”.But hey things could be changeing if the elections are anything to go by.slan

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