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What was unusual about the news this week that former Fine Gael, now independent TD, Michael Lowry will not face charges for cheating on his taxes?

Not that he cheated on his taxes. He’s one of a long line of so called public representatives who obviously believe that paying tax is strictly for the ‘little people’.

Not that he portrayed himself as a victim of the system, moaning about the media, the tough time he had with Revenue, how he had to re-mortgage his house. Irish citizens are well used to tax cheating public representatives blaming everybody else for their own dodgy activities.

Not that he failed to apologise for cheating the state of monies that could have been used to help citizens who are genuinely in need of sympathy and support. Most public representatives who are caught with their grubby fingers in the till feel hard done by when they are politely asked by Revenue to repay their ill gotten gains.

No, what was new about this latest sordid episode involving the dodgy activities of an Irish politician was that it was the tax cheater himself who made the announcement of his escape from prosecution.

No Government official, nobody from Revenue, nobody from the DPPs office felt the need to make a formal announcement to the public they claim to serve that yet another ‘person of influence’ had somehow escaped the ultimate penalty from what we are constantly told is now a rigorous no nonsense system of tax accountability.

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  1. yeagh all the laws are made for the little people,you dont need brains to do what all those people did who created all the modern day tribunals,u just need low friends in high places,the i did nothing wrong brigade,it shows courts and prison for the lower classes,tribunals for those in power and the well connected,there might be a tribunal set up to find out why it is that the prisons since the foundation of the state is only bursting at the seems with those from a working class background,{the causes of crime}is in fact socially engineered,if u check out watching the watchers,and then do an audit over the past sixty,seventy years you will find a connection between todays prison population and all those who were victims of abuse in institutions in this state all those years ago,like wise if u do the same audit on the rulers of times gone by you will find the same names cropping up again and again up to this present day,and its about time someone put a stop to it,i have done my part before i kick the bucket,and hope ex judge kinlan is not prevented from doing his,slan

  2. nice one keep up the good work.the problem is certain institutions and organisations have an ingrained inability to say sorry or apologise for their mistakes,also they would kill their grannies for ultimate power.for instance in 1974 there was a number of inquiries into ray burke regarding corruption in planning matters,but nothing came of it,today michael smith said he also requested an inouiry into the exact problem of corruption into the same organisation in 1993 regarding planning matters,nothing for some {unknown?}reason showed up there either.?so looking at what has come out of 10 years of tribunals does it not seem strange.how many of those who gave the apperance of a through investigation into thrse matters were themselves involved in the building and land speculation trade?investigations that are result-oriented?that give certain inquiries the apperance of doing something are at best dictated from the top.which in return has given us a society with a dysfunctional set of values,a culture of self enrichment,bending the laws ,rules,regulations,for rich friends and cronies.a biased attitude towards others because of their political affiliations,if your not in some kind of gang your doomed?for example take a person from a working class background and someone that works for the state,if it is allegrd that both of these people committed a crime a file is sent to the dpp,the person from keough square or the morning star will have their case procrssed pronto mistakes or no mistakes in relation to due process,but as the dpp has said in the past himself{he that dosent have to account for decisions comeing from that office?}that the reason for difficulties in relation to the prosecutions of state employees was due to the{late arrival of files}?to his office,with the result that the statue of limitations prevail?????????????.but does it or should it and what kind of injustices attract the laws of “no statue of limitations”?espically if a case was a conflict of interest by those that dictated the decisions in certain desired results.thats the reason the orla tinsleys of this world are treated by the power brokers as insignificant.slan.

  3. yow welcome to the new ireland of president mcaleeses republic thats going to be now dedicated to exalting{INSPIRING}the dignity of each human being.even the director of public prosecutions is getting in on the act?with his “reasons project”no more failed public policies,no more been excluded,left out,discrimination,victimsation,but before all this can come about it is important to see what was in the newspapers and even more important what wasent in the news.hypocrisy vs democracy and what is a crime?declan ganley was warned off that what he was doing could hurt him and his interests.royston brady was threatened and told to shut uo,things turned nasty he is quoted as saying,he also said he got threatening phone calls,ordering him to do things ,he was also warned it is alleged not to talk to anybody or he would find it VERY HARD to get work in this town.now who i wonder has the power and evilness to be able to carry out such threats?maybe the ex-garda whos alleged story that was in the papers this week would have some idea where to get or find such information.his plight was to do with the alleged behaviour of certain elements of an garda siochana,he said he was FORCED to resign because of bullying,threats,HARASSMENT,by superior officers.it is also alleged he was put under surveillance,he says his HEALTH and WELLBEING as well as that of his FAMILY has been SERIOUSLY AFFECTED,by the BARBARIC UNCIVILISED behaviour of the named superior officers,it is also alleged that these same officers said it is guys like you have the guards in the newspapers .so if proven to be true what kind of defence could people like that put forward?one of mental incapacity or selective amnesia like all those going before tribunals.finally how is “GRATITUDE”paid back in professional circles?would people turn a blind eye to injustices if the suffering and injustices were only carried out against the lower or working class as we are known?example if someone belongs to you dies and while you are grieving that loss another person dies brother and sister and the following year another sister dies how long should one grieve for the first person if it was your mother?how would you the public feel if some with authority broke into your mothers “HOME”and defiled your loved ones memory stole the memories of your mothers lifetime and then tell you its not illegal?maybe those minigods with a selfcentred air of importance use that power and authority differently on the southside as they do on the northside,on the north side you are required to sign a surrender and possession legal document,that same document if you are happy and without the benefit of legal advice is also “a permission to remove contents”agreement.democracy-equality,causes of crime?slan.

  4. yow missed andrea roches heart rendering story on the gerry ryan show.but she is quoted as saying that its scary to think there is someone living among four and a half million people in ireland that is going out of their way to ruin your life.unquote.maybe mr conscience himself john gormley could set up an agency for those who are treated differently on this island?a proper grievance procedure process that could come to a speedy conclusion on serious matters for ordinary joe soaps,isent that what the present dail motion and debate is supposed to be about in relation to the well heeled and connected?here is a quote from a member of government to me dated 30,jan.2008.”i gave file to council{dublin city council}last year and made reps many times its not my fault they ignored you?well as i explained in my return text,its one thing ignoreing an ordinary member of the public its another in my mind ignoreing a member of government?ethical standards,integrity,oppenness,transparency,and all those lovely charters that go with big institutions that deal with the public?so andrea i wouldnt worry too much about those anonymous letters.if you read “watching the watchers”unanswered questions”be very afraid”at public inquiry you may understand why.its the bias,malice,unfairness,obstacles,thats carried out against the underclass that needs to be hilighted.”AND ADDRESSED”slan

  5. yow,was going to try and write about constitutional theory,anti-discrimination,the type of legislation thats not covered in the carers act 2001,like the article in the paper the one about undermining the dignity and autonomy of people third persons who become the target of abuse and discrimination because of the deeds of others closely associated with them.that was until i read mary ellen synon article regarding citizen connell?in her article she alludes to the fact that as an ordinary citizen connell is entitled to his civil,constitutional,and what ever other rights that are bestowed on an irish national.the story was all to do with legal privilege and a duty of confidentiality in the field of legal advice,opinion,lawyer client privilege,if it was left to liberals and equality before the law merchants she said the same would not apply to priests?she said to her readers that the infringement of citizen connells rights in law and under our constitution and what passes between lawyer and client even in a case of obstruction of justice as well as other things remains a “SECRET”unless a client waives his right of privlige.{OR GIVES PERMISSION}she also said that the arrogance of the inquiry commission did not attract criticism that citizen connells civil rights were abused.i feel very strongly that ms synon should try telling that to the seville family whos sister died in a toilet in the matter hospital.from years of experiance and observation it is a fact not an opinion that only the privileged the powerful and well connected are given their rights under all charters and constitutions while those from working or underclass backgrounds so called rights are trampled on every day of the week.who ever heard of an application certificate until now.?slan

  6. at last and about time too.it is refreshing to see that the crusade for justice and truth is comeing from the liberties in the form of father martin dolan of the saint nicholas of myra parish francis street dublin 8.this is one of many inner city parishes that have been neglected and abused in relation to constitutional and other rights for decades,fr.dolan states according to the gospel that”other people should be put first even if that means your personal reputation or position is at risk”he goes on to say ,people wont challenge one another and they wont point out what they see as wrong{TURNING A BLIND EYE}and thats PRECISELY what allowed all of this{ABUSE}to happen in the first place.unquote.so should institutional arrogance or the establishment take precedent to an individuals rights?are ordinary citizens truly able to exercise their rights if they dont have the money to do so?to find that out you would have to break through the culture of secrecy this country is run on you wont find it in the national archives why?no the real serious problems like crime,health,etc take place behind closed doors.both are big money making rackets for the grey haired men.thats why the rights of certain citizens and classes are not taken seriously.if they were we would be able to find out who is responsible for certain decisions that are made that affect a family unit espically if that decision has a negative impact on that same unit.that is also why there is so many limitations and exemptions in our freedom of information legislation.these so called legislators and implementorsare masters at subventing their own acts?that is also why politicians and others who have something to hide put specfic clauses in its countries legislation,as the story goes the church keeps its flock in the dark on certain sensetive matters as do politicians their constituents,is it any wonder citizen connell is taking high court action,he can afford too.slan.

  7. so whats new,nothing things go on as before thats why bishop martin cant get a forum on the causes of crime going,the real true causes.thats why the hang them flog them brigade are obsessed with revenge not justice.they know nothing about the use of informants in this country.the proposed spent conviction bill 2008 wont affect the john traynors of this world it should be called the criminal justice system vs the informants protection bill.it is alleged?that the traynors of this world are enticed by inducements of money,favours,but most importantly immunity.how many innocent patsys would informants have to set up before fingering a big fish?mr traynor was in ireland last year in wexford as well as dublin and the watchers were well aware of this fact.it makes you wonder if you have an interest in the crime issue why he wasent hauled in for questioning,who would be most embarressed by his detention?not brian meehan or john gilligan or dutchy holland.the public are kept in the dark as to how the crime and legal system really operate.while the grey haired men greedy fat cats prosper unchallenged .how have they got away with this for so long,easy they quote national security and the official secrets act.if an organisation wants to get loads of unchallenged funds in order to stay in a job just hype an alleged pending crisis up in the media,a bit like whats happening in the north at the moment where securats allege dissidents are on the war path and only enormours resources can stop them?self interest creates monsters when power is at stake,would it be wrong or foolish to compare drug barons to those who have been before the mahon tribunal,beef tribunal,ete,etc.its money its power and its evil.DONT Do To OTHERS WHAT YOU WOUlDNT LIKE DONE TO YOURSELF.slan.

  8. hi again,so in the dysfunctional world of working class ireland where criminals are spawned ,because of neglect and social injustice by what journalist mcgeehan of star sunday calls the well heeled pot bellied bourgeoisie.what i call social engineering at its best.where thugs and gougers as they are called are engineered for the entertainment of the ruleing and professionsl classes.star sunday also states most disturbingly that many of the foot soldiers in gangs today are teens who will grow up with an education in murder,drugs and gangs.?even things as trivial as putting out your rubbish bin can lead to feuds lasting for years involving shootings and very long prison sentences.so what obstacles are put in the way of kids from such backgrounds if they decide to better themselves?from my own observations i can say these kids spirit are so sufficated by red tape and the bias of background,address,social upbringing that it is a miracle any of them go on to third or fourth{level} education.and if and when they attain any qualifications the same bourgeois who are in the main establishment figures or members of elite secret societies still put obstacles in their future without fully explaining why,is it any wonder kids decide to join criminal gangs your f… if you do and your f… if you dont?thats why you have stories relating to room 405.blah,blah,blah.mr mcgheen is right gangland crime may not yet affect v.brown and his bourgis neighbours or those ensconced in the criminal law system but like the heroin denial in the early eighties it spreads.the tribunals and the courts are a symptom of whats truly wrong in a society with a dysfunctional set of values and structures.slan

  9. for the attention of ms alice leahy and the human rights research division.what criteria would one need to carry out research to find out why it is that the vast majority of people that are locked up in irish institutions are mainly from a working class backgound?how would one go about finding out the adequacy or inadequacy or effectivness of the laws practices and procedures in relation to the protection of human and constitutional rights in ireland?is this not a worthy topic for the commission to investigate?what experience do the membes of the commission have other than acadamic?looking forward to michael farrell and alice leahy investigating this subject.slan.

  10. dysfunctional values dysfunctional structures dysfunctional morals?to quote the late judge dermot kinlen who said”one has to be addicted to HOPE no matter how DEPRESSING reality may be?so i would like to dedicate this post to professor william binchy who recived a measure of gratitude in judge kinlens previous report on prisons. this is to ask the human rights commission what is happening to the judges final report where he stated and accused named officials of criminal wrongdoing,he also said senior government and prison officials should face proceedings for criminal wrongdoing.unquote.ARE THEY ABOVE THE LAW?when is this report been released.are all my writings theory or fact or is it true that a secret group of grey haired men dictate a persons future from cradle to grave?maybe bishop martin can start his quest for a debate on crime its causes by writing to brian lenihan to request the release of judge kinlens final report,the watchers have an awful lot to answer for in relation to the causes of crime and the creation of criminals.slan.

  11. so your f…if you do and your f…if you dont?conspiracies,coincidences,are they a fact of irish society,it depends on ones background.for instance scannel which covered the sheedy case of 1999,was alleged to highlight the fact of a two tier legal system in this country,in fact it was paul singer who did that in the 1960s.informants and what they are allowed do and get away with{keep your eye on sligo}?i can relate to a piece about china where there is a quote”the verdicts of judges and the favours of officials can be bought as readily as flat screen tvs”.obstacles put in the way of children from working class backgrounds when they try to better themselves in this corrupt world,and decisions that are made by faceless officials that have a negative effect on such families who belive in educating their children.example the parents of a large family through no fault of their own fall on bad times their last child is finishing a four year college course,both parents are on a social welfare payment since 06,the mother is not well since 2000,they are also rearing a grandchild on 40euro a week,but because the child who is still in full time education and just gone 22,the state in its wisdom decides to end whats known as household benefits package,so now you have two young adults who are still in education but less money to live on.”if thats not social engineering i dont know what is”and by the way in regards to childrens rights and protection the so called proper authorities are aware of the grandchilds circumstances.did they help did they f….slan

  12. legislation and the disadvantaged.this is for the attention of mr maurice manning and the human rights commission,i wish to quote mr manning in a speech he made to seanad eireann on the 29th of april 1999,volume 159.he was talking about the legal,judicial and penal system which he said are the inheritance of all political parties who were in government at various times,he also made reference to the CLASS-BIASED nature of the administration of justice and something to do with eoghan fitzsimons use of privilege{mr fitzsimons also recived documents from me}in relation to 1993.?and john o donoghue ex-min for justice let everyone know that the people and matter that was been investigated would have the right to be heard,fair play,fair procedures,and natural justice.and today you have the “controversial”judge john neilan badly upsetting the c.e.o.pj fitzpatrick and his staff in the court services,the judges remarks were branded unfair,unjust,unwarrented,unacceptable,demoralising,denigrating,and gratuitous.it made me wonder about the working classes implied rights their fundamental rights and guarantees under our constitution and all eu treaties which in fact are only illusory rights,read watching the watchers,unanswered questions,be very afraid,on this site “public inquiry”and then tell me the person or organisation that truly cares about honestly promoting the understanding of the needs of the socially excluded,those with mental health problems,and those with no HOPE.you were correct when you stated that the administration of justice is “CLASS-BIASED”I HAVE LIVED IT YOU HAVE ONLY READ ABOUT IT,thats the real and only reason all those i wrote to these last 44years did nothing.there is more than one way to gag critics who are defiant and thats to target those close to you,so not only did you inherit the penal and legal system you also inherited those employed there as well some good others rotten to the core,by that i mean the small fry will do the bidding of the big fry no questions asked and those who are the target of the big fry will probably suffer in silence.slan.

  13. gavin why should i not comment on this year old post?i could say its because of the blantant class biass.silence,and indifference of all those i contacted these past 40,odd years and who did nothing to right a wrong.just like in jersey and england at present where senator sturt syvret,social worker simon bellwood,public interest advisor demetrious panton have for years {not one year}tried to expose the barbaric uncivilised behaviour and the culture of secrecy corruption and cover up by so called well respected upstanding citizens.The jersy issue like the english and irish issues of child abuse has been for years an indictment not only of the childrens protection agencies but also irish society.compare is my motto “the cartels division of the competition authority”vs the equality authority in relation to bias and procedural unfairness,where does that leave the two conflicting versions from garda sources that someone is too ill to participate in garda investigations and cant and will not speak with OFFICIALS until cleared to do so by doctors???????another said it is alleged that the person in question was arrested and interviewed and a file sent to the dpp,nothing about drink or drug driveing.?maybe we should swap six of our public representatives for one{Stuart SYVRET}?slan.

  14. Because it has nothing to do with the post. It is offtopic.

    Padd, while I appreciate your passion, this website is not a public forum. It is a blog. Writing comment after comment on posts that are years old, and which incidentally no one reads unless they subscribe to a comments feed amounts to trolling.

    The post is about Michael Lowry, yet your comments are about a dozen different issues.

    Give me a reason not to delete your comments? It sounds harsh but several comments a week in the archives is getting ridiculous.

    If anyone is reading the comments feed then pipe up.

  15. ok gav if you are the boss then do whats in your heart ,thanks for allowing me to troll for so long.i am not philip sheedy nor would i want to be ,once its not the powers that be who are forcing your hand your decision is fine by me.you can if your honest about truth and justice probably start an online advocacy relating to social justice you know the kind i mean,fair play,fair procedures,natural justice,THE RIGHT TO BE HEARD,etc.how can you go off topic if it relates to life?and life starts from when your born and what experiences you have on your journey to the next life,hence as you say i have in your opinion gone off topic,but the topic is and has always been about life and how a persons life experience is crucial to how they and their family unit turn out in whats known as “society”and the society i see not just in working class communities but from the top down is rotten.so if bishop martin wants to do something about the causes of crime he should start at the top.its one thing been oppressed most of your life its another when your oppressors try and write your history.as one former garda commissioner once said “THE PERCEPTION IS MORE SERIOUS THAN THE ACTUALITY”is it?slan

  16. My sincere suggestion Padd is that you establish your own blog. You can get one for free at http://www.wordpress.com.

    You would be free to write as much and as often as you like, about any subject you like. If you need any assistance let me know.

  17. of course i need assistance,the grandkids can use the telly remote better than me so you can imagine what its like trying to use a computer.i was trying to check out if it was possible to transfer all my comments from public inquiry to another site,that way if there is problems from the grey haired men i can handle it and not the creators of public inquiry.but before i finish and if its true that gerry hutch is to appear on prime time i would request through this medium that bishop martin is also asked to give an input to the programme i know bishop martin wont be appearing on dirty money”at least i hope not”but he does want to have a public debate about crime and its true causes.why wont the so called experts on crime interact with those that are referred to as the criminal class,lower class,working class,under class?are they afraid of been contaminated?or are they afraid of been exposed.if frank dunlop can enter dublin castle like some kind of prima donna then gerry hutch martin cahills daughter have as much right to answer their accusers or detractors.years ago on the late late show they had a large group of males from the so called working class on the subject of crime,has anyone ever wondered what became of that group of people or did anyone really care?were they just another group to entertain the irish elite who dont seem to know what crime is when it involves their own type.crime seems to be only carried out by those from working class backgrounds thats why for decades the prisons and institutions have been and still are full to bursting point by those from disadavantaged backgrounds.as i asked in one of my comments how come not one person from a working class background has been before the mahon and other tribunals for corruption?maybe joe duffy since he is from a working class background and also worked in the department of justice could join forces with bishop martin to get this public debate on crime started.but the real test would be to treat everyone equal who is accaused of a crime wheather their from inner city estates ,froxrock,ballsbridge,or malahide,but that has never been the case and i dont think it ever will hence thr true causes of crime,as someone “a murder suspect”from malahide once said”I Am NOT FROM DARNDALE AND I DO KNOW MY RIGHTS”so you have whats known as the criminal class mentalityand the elite class mentality and nobody thats making plenty of money out of the crime issue wants to change thaat.slan.

  18. gavin can you explain the “if anyone is reading the comments feed then pipe up”
    one of my grandchildren has done for me as you suggested so while i take a break fron tormenting “public inquiry”my site is brit 2008,i have started off with a family tree so you cant miss it,and neither can the grey haired men.through trawling the net
    {not trolling}i now know it is possible to transfer comments from one site to another,
    can you do that for me?is there cost involved?i think it was on watching the watchers on 15th of oct 2007,i was wondering to myself about certain sources who could give graphic information to the media about an incident in swords,it turns out that same source of informant was involved in giving information on martin mcDonagh while he was in custody for seven days?a garda source stated “they did not know how the media got the very detailed information which was published while he was in custody?
    as to a persons mentality you can only get that from your lifes experience no matter
    where your brought up.look at whats happening in jersey at the moment underclass kids abused again by the socalled elite,and those who have been trying for years to expose this scandal were totally ignored,”THE BLIND EYE SYNDROME”it seems to afflict mostly the upper and middle classes around the world it must be something in their D>N>A>???????so it was good to be allowed squat on your site ,as i said in the beginning im only a beginner with 44,years of frustration of been ignored,it was the same ignorance that created all the housing estates that is alleged to spawn todays criminal culture.slan.

  19. Gav,where have you gone?Since i havent heard from you sinse my last post,i had to let you know that im getting the declan ganley,royston brady treatment,it started last year sometime after starting these posts.I have it logged in what i call the incident and coincidence file.If you look at the post for the 29th,jan,it will give you idea why im giving this quote by Joe Higgins in relation to irelands violent society and the “BIG PICTURE”where he said “If a vicious indifference toward fellow human beings characterises those who commit acts of savagery on the streets,it is a distorted REFLECTION OF THE SAME CONTEMPT THAT DRIVES THE BEHAVIOUR OF MANY INSTITUTIONS AND INDIVIDUALS WHO DOMINATE SOCIETY,unquote. that reminds me of what ex-garda commissioner patrick culligan had to say in 1996,He was referring to the then president of the garda representative associations “ILLUSIONS”when he said”that the garda siochana{guardians of the peace}operates in some kind of UNCONTAMINATED UTOPIA when in fact it faces all kinds of problems which”REFLECT THE INPERFECTIONS OF THE SOCIETY IN WHICH WE LIVE”unquote.Now who caused those inperfections?It couldnt have been those from the working class because they couldnt read or write and were always been told how THICK they were.So it had to be caused by the EXPERTS,now its time for them to fix the problems they caused in working class areas.slan.

  20. Padd, please do carry on blogging over at Sprit2008.

    I will try and get round to emailing you a copy of all your comments to this blog.

  21. If you are affected by those who are far removed from the reality of working class peoples lives{padraig flynn etc ex-min.for justice}then feel free to e-mail padd at spirit@perlico.net.
    Just found this e-mail by accident and activated it{take note gavin}Are the public aware that michael mellett who was given the “independent”task to investigate the murder of gary douch in his cell in mountjoy prison was a garda before he became a public servant in the dept.of justice reaching the grade of deputy secretary general for prisons?If some interest groups are seeking an external body to assess the dept.of justices expenditure, why then did michael mcdowell not do the same in the case of gary douch?Policymakers will say they are in the invidious position of having to make important strategic decisions without the benefit of informed debate,yet those with the power are blocking diarmuid martin and like minded people from having an honest debate on crime its causes and possible cures?Whats going on in limerick and other cities dident happen by accident”nor over night”it took years of neglect and turning a blind eye to reach this stage.slan

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