Charlie Hebdo magazine in school: Why apologise?

The board of a multi-denominational school has apologised for allowing a Muslim child to be ‘forced’ to see a copy of the magazine Charlie Hebdo which depicts the prophet Muhammad in an unflattering pose.

The chairman of the school, Richard Allen, said the school would never set out to offend anyone and continued:

We live in a society where information flows freely, and we can’t be like we were in this country in generations past where we hid things. Children have a right to discuss these things, understand them and have a view, but also understand there’s an inherent responsibility that comes with free speech.

So, why the apology?

One thought on “Charlie Hebdo magazine in school: Why apologise?”

  1. I disagree completely Anthony; why should children be exposed to that satirical dirt?

    Real journalists have died or have had their lives turned upside down trying to expose truths that are in the interest of the greater good and/or of journalism itself. No world leaders have joined hands for them; indeed a number of the world leaders pictured in Paris are reputedly responsible for the most severe repression of journalism not to their particular tastes.

    I wonder would an Irish run mag based in Kilburn which showed vividly on it’s front cover…. say the Queen taking it up the bum from Prince Charles with some kind of witty caption, be also covered by the rules of free speech?

    Should THAT mag be shown to school children?

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