Junior Minister Dara Murphy: Not just politically stupid

In a previous article I described Junior Minister Dara Murphy’s decision to engage in political prostitution as stupid because it will obviously do a great deal more damage to his election prospects than any benefit.

But after doing some research on the man I find that he really is stupid, it’s not just political stupidity.

Here’s a video of the gombeen being justifiably torn to shreds by Vincent Browne.

He made the fatal mistake of sneeringly asking Browne whether he knew the difference between GNP and GDP.

Keep in mind that this idiot is the Minister for European Affairs and Data Protection at the Department of Taoiseach and Foreign Affairs and Trade.

He’s the man who negotiates Ireland’s business interests with our European partners, no wonder we’re broke.

Also note how he slyly tries to get off the (Vincent Browne) hook by dragging another panel member into the row.