Journalilst Michael O’Regan: A chapter in a history book

Here are the words of a journalist who has no idea whatsoever about reality outside the bubble that is Dail Eireann.

Michael Martin has emerged, particularly since the marriage equality referendum, as a highly successful leader of Fianna Fail. He’s extremely good in the Dail and in fact at the moment he stands head and shoulders as a parliamentary performer in terms of his own party.

Irish Times (captured) journalist Michael O’Regan.

It’s good that there are so many captured journalists like O’Regan within the media because their ignorance of reality ensures that establishment politicians like Martin also have no idea what’s happening in the real world.

By the time O’Regan and Martin wake up they will find themselves as a chapter in a history book.

Dr. Weeks: Living in the zone of denial

Here’s an absolute law that applies to all commentators writing about Irish politics.

If you write an article analysing any aspect of Irish politics without referring to political corruption or even mentioning the word ‘corruption’, you are wasting your own and your readers time because you are not addressing the raging elephant in the room.

The latest in a long line of commentators to break this law is Dr. Liam Weeks, lecturer in the Department of Government at UCC.

In an Irish Times article, Dr. Weeks repeats the well-known fact that the traditional political parties, Fianna Fail, Fine Gael and Labour, are suffering a serious loss of support from the electorate.

He gives two reasons for this development – a declining level of attachment to parties and the collapse in support for Fianna Fail.

However, he makes no attempt whatsoever to explain to his readers why citizens are rejecting mainstream politics in their droves. He could do worse than have a look at this blog where he will find any number of articles outlining the reasons for this development.

Here, for example, is what I wrote on 15 June last. Again, I was writing about the chronic inability/unwillingness of political commentators to recognise the elephant of political corruption.

The emergence of a new politics is directly related to the fact that the old regime (Fianna Fail, Fine Gael, Labour) has, over many decades, loyally served the corrupt political culture of clientelism, gombeenism and stroke politics rather than building a functional, properly accountable democracy.

I suspect Dr. Weeks is not actually aware of this truth. I suspect he operates in the same bubble in which most other political commentators operate. In this bubble he sees the Irish political system as democratic and, for the most part, functional – it is neither.

In order to keep the bubble from bursting Dr. Weeks must, consciously or unconsciously, enter what I call ‘the zone of denial’.

So, in his article Dr. Weeks states the problem – that the electorate is rejecting mainstream politics. He then enters the zone of denial where he can safely ignore the reasons for this development and instead skip to how events will affect the outcome of the approaching general election.

In other words, he describes the past and predicts the future while steadfastly ignoring the reality that connects them – political corruption.

Of course, Dr. Weeks is by no means alone in this. Read the opinion pieces in any newspaper; listen to the many discussion panels on radio/television and you will witness endless analysis surrounding corrupt events but you will never, ever witness any discussion of corruption as a subject in and of itself.

The reason for this is as simple as it is stark. If the disease of political corruption is acknowledged it will have to be acted upon and if that happens it will destroy the corrupt political system so carefully created over the decades by the mainstream political parties of Fianna Fail, Fine Gael and Labour.

These parties and their many supporters in the media will not easily surrender their privileged and powerful position.

Fortunately, while commentators like Dr. Weeks operate comfortably in the zone of denial, an increasing number of ordinary citizens are taking matters into their own hands.

The days of the old regime are numbered.

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Dr. Weeks

Brian Lenihan documentary: A ruling elite propaganda exercise

I’ve just watched the RTE documentary on the late Brian Lenihan and it was difficult going. It was difficult because the production was little more than a propaganda broadcast on behalf of the Lenihan family and those who see themselves as the ruling elite in Ireland.

On a personal basis Brian Lenihan seems to have been a likeable and intelligent man, an intellectual. But he was also a traitor to his country.

When I say ‘traitor’ I don’t mean in the strong sense as when somebody provides information to an enemy that results in severe and immediate consequences for fellow citizens, including death.

Lenihan was a traitor in the sense that loyalty to his country was the least of his priorities. As a member of the ruling elite his priorities were as follows:

Himself and his family dynasty.
Himself and his social class.
Himself and his political party.
Himself and his country on the condition that the financial and political interests of the above were not in any way undermined.

Lenihan was a leading member of what is, in effect, an Irish aristocracy. Practically all other politicians are either members of this ruling elite, court followers or parasites endlessly kowtowing to their ‘betters’ in the hope of being thrown a few crumbs.

The churches, the legal community, big business and super-rich moguls, among others, support this ruling elite. They are also loyally supported and defended by a disturbingly large percentage of the media.

The first and most important principle of the ruling elite is – loyalty to each other. Severe consequences are imposed on anyone who betrays this principle. Former junior minister Roisin Shortall, for example, was immediately ejected from the club when she had the temerity to put personal integrity before loyalty to the ruling political class.

When a member of the elite dies, retires or resigns, all sins, crimes and betrayals are wiped from the record and, with unstinting support from a loyal mainstream media, their political careers are rewritten and manipulated to a point where any questioning of their pedigree is seen as vulgar and extreme.

Bertie Ahern, for example, was forced to resign in disgrace when he was caught lying under oath at the tribunal but the mainstream media rarely mentions this uncomfortable fact. Instead, we are subjected to a constant stream of drivel about the Peace Process and Ahern’s ‘courage’ in returning to the talks after his mother died.

The corrupt politician Haughey is another example. When the criminal died he was given a state funeral at which the liar Ahern told us that Haughey was a patriot to his fingertips. A liar politician stating that a criminal politician is a patriot is not at all seen as bizarre in the insulated bubble inhabited by the ruling elite and their media supporters.

And that’s what the Lenihan documentary was all about. It’s part of the now well-established strategy of rewriting the history of those who gave life-long loyalty to themselves and their class at the expense of Ireland and its people.

Happily, we are living through the dying days of this corrupt ruling elite.

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Fianna Fail

Martin Mansergh: Chronically deluded

Fianna Fail just keeps on giving in its continuing destruction under the (non) leadership of Michael Martin.

The latest development is the announcement by former junior minister Martin Mansergh that he hopes to stand in the next election.

Mansergh, who loyally served the corrupt/criminal politician Haughey, enlightened the nation with his scintillating analysis of the upcoming election.

The alternative to a Fine Gael-led coalition, is a Fianna Fáil-led coalition.

We can see from this that Fianna Fail is still populated by those who really should be in a home for the chronically deluded.

Asked how he voted in the referendum Mansergh said it was ‘a private matter’. The hilarious aspect of this cowardly Sean Haughey type reply is that everybody knows he voted no and yet he doesn’t have the political intelligence to avoid public ridicule by just being honest and upfront.

The following exchange between Mansergh and Marian Finucane (June 30, 2013) concerning the economic catastrophe inflicted on the nation by Fianna Fail provides a good measure of this individual’s questionable courage and honesty.

At the time in question Mansergh was Minister of State at the Department of Finance.

Marian Finucane: You were working in the Dept. and presumably in contact with the Minister for Finance throughout that period.

Mansergh: Well, I was in a separate building. My main job was the office of public works.

Finucane: Was there a sense around the place of the kind of pressure that was going on?

Mansergh: Well, as I say, I wasn’t in the building, I was in a separate building about 500 metres away. I was not in the loop. My job in Finance was basically to relieve the Minister of some of his parliamentary responsibilities.

Sean Haughey’s double-speak: His corrupt father would be proud

How true is Averil Power’s claim that Fianna Fail lacks vision, courage and leadership?

We can get a good idea by analysing how Sean Haughey replied to a very simple question – Did he vote Yes or No in the marriage referendum?

Like many people this has been a long journey, for this one I felt I couldn’t canvass with conviction. I wanted to listen to all the arguments and I listened to all the arguments right up to polling day. I discussed it with my family, I’m passionate about my country and our society and the how it should develop but at the end of the day it’s a secret ballot.

Fair enough, it is a secret ballot and everybody has the right to refuse to say how he or she voted. But Haughey is a public representative, he intends standing for election to parliament. He could become a powerful minister or even Taoiseach. At minimum citizens have a right to know where he stands on the main issues of the day.

They have a right to know, before voting, what kind of man they are being asked to support. For example, a liberal constituent will want to know if Haughey supports the repeal of the Eight Amendment of the Constitution regarding abortion. Similarly, a conservative will want to know if he’s pro life.

It’s cowardly to say, on the one hand, I’m passionate about my country and how our society develops but I’m keeping my opinions secret.

So you’re not answering that question but you are saying you didn’t go out canvassing on the issue?

I want to be perfectly honest about this. I feel if you’re going to people’s doors and ask them you need to have the conviction and for me I wanted the luxury of sitting back and listening to all the arguments and I listened passionately to every debate right up to polling day.

Honesty is the last thing we’re getting here.

Is Haughey saying he has no conviction on the issue one way or the other? Hardly, since he admits that he ‘passionately’ listened to every debate. As a private citizen Haughey has the ‘luxury’ of sitting back and listening to all the arguments before casting his secret vote. But as an aspiring public representative he has an obligation to be open and honest with those who may consider giving him a vote.

And the fact that your party was supporting the issue?

Well I don’t think I let my party down in any way.

Unwittingly, Haughey is being honest here. His cowardly double-speak, his failure to step up to the plate and openly say what he believes fits in seamlessly with the long established Fianna Fail gombeen mindset.

His corrupt father would be proud.

Fianna Fail: Still operating in a fog of delusion

Ah the bliss of it all. Fianna Fail got to enjoy just a few short days of glory after winning the bye-election before the darkness closed in again with the resignation of Averil Power. Prior to Power’s resignation it was difficult to gauge exactly what progress the party was making in its comeback strategy.

Now we know – absolutely no progress whatsoever.

Power pointed to the 100-foot high neon truth sign on top of the mountain that reads:

Fianna Fail lacks vision, courage and leadership.

In response we witnessed a long line of politicians and ordinary members come out, turn their backs to the sign, and say:

There is no problem with Fianna Fail, Michael Martin is a great leader, all is well.

It is critically important for the good of Ireland and its people that Fianna Fail continues to wallow in this fog of delusion.

Political buffoon Cowen still blaming others for his incompetence

I see political buffoon Biffo Cowen is still blaming others for the catastrophe he and his party visited upon Ireland and its people.

The prevailing advice from the International Monetary Fund, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation in Europe, plus most domestic commentary with one or two exceptions was – ‘that this would not end the way it did’.

So there you go, nothing to do with his incompetence or his party’s history of corruption.

On the suffering caused by the economic crisis Cowen said:

It is very difficult, it has caused a lot of problems for people, I am very conscious of it. There is no one more sorry about this than I am.

Somehow, I’d say the thousands of citizens being thrown out of their homes as a result of this buffoon’s incompetence are a tad sorrier particularly when the witness the massive pensions he draws down as they burn.

Fianna Fail: Some habits die hard

Let’s be honest, Fianna Fail doesn’t have the best of records when it comes to honesty and integrity in politics.

But….enter Michael Martin and it’s onwards and upwards for the party. A new deal, a new, fresh, clean honest way of doing things to replace the old, eh, dodgy methods.

But wait…what’s this?

Fianna Fail accuse RTE of unfair treatment on ‘Claire Byrne Live’ programme.


Fianna Fail’s 3,000 delegates at this weekend’s Ard Fheis will be asked to back a motion to abolish the television licence due to “lack of balance in RTE.”

I guess some habits die hard.

Michael Martin: Hypocritical, cowardly, self-serving waffle

The great dilemma facing those who reject the legitimacy of Sinn Fein as a political party is that party’s participation in government in Northern Ireland.

Leader of Fianna Fail Michael Martin was asked about this on Morning Ireland.

How can you find it acceptable that Sinn Fein should sit in government in Northern Ireland but are not fit for purpose in the South?

There’s a fundamental difference between the constitution of the republic and the political entity of Northern Ireland, we know that from our history. In persuading the provisional IRA movement to give up violence a form of government had to be established that involved cross community input.

So…..the Northern Ireland ‘government’ is not really a government, it’s more an agreed mechanism to promote cross community input.

But the Northern government is a legitimate government is it not?

There’s a fundamental difference between the political entity and I think you would have to accept between the constitutions that establishes our government and that in Northern Ireland.

The Northern Ireland government is based on a constitution? I didn’t know that.

I wonder how the people who voted for their representatives in Northern Ireland and those who operate that democratic mandate on their behalf feel about this hypocritical, cowardly, self-serving waffle?