Joan Collins joins Bertie Ahern on the arsehole of humanity

Joan Collins of People Before Profit – United Left Alliance was the woman who challenged the scumbag Bertie Ahern when he was being interviewed as the last Dail broke up.

People like us getting cuts in our wages and taxes and all that. Have you no shame, you’re on the TV the last two days mouthing out of yourself, you should be ashamed of yourself, shame on you.

Well, Joan Collins, now a TD, was herself ‘mouthing out of herself’ to Pat Kenny recently in defence of her decision to give a job to her partner Dermot

I’ve always been opposed to cronyism and I would have seen it in the relationship between politicians, developers, bankers and that sort of angle…but… Dermot’s ability is second to none, not to have him on the team would be an absolute scandal.

The people of Ireland desperately need their politicians to break with the corrupt political system by acting on principle all the time and not just when it’s safe to do so.

By engaging in the same old nepotism and pathetically trying to defend her actions with the same old dishonest arguments, Collins has betrayed those who hoped she was a force for change.

She has reduced herself to the status of gombeen politician looking out for her own interests, the interests of her friends and family and the interests of her constituents in order to get re-elected.

Ireland and its people as a whole are obviously way down her list of priorities.

Reacting to the spat with Ahern Collins correctly described him as a pimple on the arse of humanity.

By her actions Collins has now joined the scumbag on that arse.

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Joan Collins

Scumbag Ahern caught lying again

I see the scumbag traitor Bertie Ahern has yet again been exposed as a liar.

An independent review of the performance of the Department of Finance over the past decade has found that the Department did warn the Government about the dangers of the economic policy it was following, but that its advice was overruled by the Cabinet.

The scumbag has been telling everybody that if only somebody had told him what was going on he could have taken action.

Drug dealer's excuses judged to be unbelievable

Drug dealer and crime boss John Gilligan was branded a loser and a liar in court recentl (Irish Independent).

Judge Kevin Feeney said evidence given by Gilligan that he won some of his money on the horses was implausible, incredible and far fetched. The judge rejected his excuses out of hand.

Bertie Ahern also gave evidence, under oath, that he won some of his unexplained money on the horses. To date, his excuse remains unquestioned.

Gilligan’s claim that he received a Stg4m loan from a Joseph Saouma was also rejected as there was no documentary evidence for the loan.

The criminal Haughey received a number of similar ‘loans’ from various businessmen for which there was no documentary evidence.

The State never saw the need to give these transactions any serious consideration.

The judge said sworn affidavits submitted by Gilligan were not just inconsistent, they were irreconcilable.

The DPP recently decided that Fianna Fail TD, Willie O’Dea had no case to answer for making a false statement in a sworn affidavit.

Bertie's 'intelligence'

When Shane Coleman, political editor of the Sunday Tribune, was asked did he think Bertie Ahern knew the woman he insultingly dismissed today he said.

I’m sure Bertie Ahern did, he’s got pretty good intelligence on the ground.

My impression was that Ahern had no idea who the woman was, that he was merely dismissing somebody he saw as an irritating peasant.

We can see that Coleman is an experienced journalist by his use of the word ‘intelligence’ in a sentence concerning Bertie Ahern.

Vicar: Bertie Ahern is an arrogant bastard

There was an angry reaction on Liveline to the traitor Ahern’s comments on the news today. Here’s a flavour.

He’s a parasite of the lowest order.

The man is an imbecile for belittling that woman.

You couldn’t even call him a man.

He’s an arrogant bastard.

I’d wring his neck if I got my hands on him.

He’s a nobody; no morals, no character. It’s good he made the comments because people will see what he really thinks of the people who pay him.

He’s a pimple on the arse of humanity.

This last quote is from Joan Collins, the woman Ahern belittled. Collins is a member of People Before Profit but the traitor didn’t know that when he made his comments.

Scumbag traitor Ahern gives his last interview

The scumbag traitor Bertie Ahern was interviewed outside the Dail today as the 30th Dail broke up (RTE News).

Journalist: Will you miss it?

The traitor: Well, kind of… (interrupted by angry citizen).

Angry citizen: People like us getting cuts in our wages and taxes and all that. Have you no shame, you’re on the TV the last two days mouthing out of yourself, you should be ashamed of yourself, shame on you.

The traitor: Thank you.

Angry citizen: No, not thank you, I’m fed up. I’m working and getting my pay cheque this week and getting less money, how dare you?

Journalist: That’s an anger that most Fianna Fail TDs are going to face.

The traitor: (Dismissive and insulting reply) I have to say, outside here, this happens every day. People come along here to try and get themselves on TV and radio.

Journalist: What’s your biggest regret?

The traitor: I would have loved if somebody; somewhere had told me what was going on in the banks in this country but nobody ever did, you get wise after the event. We didn’t get a proper national stadium, when I see little countries like Qatar and Kuwait talking about their tent stadiums and we never succeeded in getting one national stadium.

David McWilliams on stupid Bertie

From the Attic Archives.

Irish Times, Friday January 30th 2004.

Broadcaster wrote Ahern speeches.

The broadcaster David McWilliams has said that he wrote magazine articles under a pseudonym in the 1990s criticising the then finance minister, Mr. Bertie Ahern, for whom he was writing speeches at the time.

McWilliams said in an interview with Hot Press magazine that he wrote speeches for Mr. Ahern for three years when he was working in the Central Bank.

“Bertie was the minister for finance and wouldn’t have been very well versed in the intricacies of exchange rates and so forth, so we used to prime him on appropriate governmental reaction to economic events,” he said.

McWilliams said that he wrote a series of articles for Business & Finance magazine at that time using the pseudonym Jock Rosen.

“So I was writing speeches for Bertie on Wednesday and criticising him on a Friday in Business & Finance.”

McWillimans presents a radio show on NewsTalk 106 and he is host of TV3s Agenda programme. He said that many powerful institutions were made of sand “and that’s something my time in the Central Bank taught me.”

The people who are supposed to be in control aren’t in control, and this is the beauty of all sorts of powerful institutions which flex their muscles publicly,” he said

“I mean, I really did observe that at a certain point we could more or less have written anything, and it would have been read out. Fortunately I’m not that devious.”

This article tells us a number of things.

McWilliams, as early as 2004, was on the ball about what was happening in Ireland. He was aware that powerful institutions were made of sand and were not in control.

He was also having great fun showing up Ahern for what he is – an idiot willing to read out anything handed to him no matter how ridiculous.