Government and media launch major propaganda campaign against water protesters

Yesterday, the Government in cooperation with its many friends in the media, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Irish Water, launched its first major propaganda campaign of 2015 aimed at defeating those who are refusing to pay water charges.

The message was simple: The water is poisoned, the infrastructure is about to collapse any minute with dire consequences for ‘customers’. The only thing that will prevent the greatest catastrophe since the famine is – investment, lots and lots of investment.

One million homes at significant risk from contaminated drinking water

screamed the Irish Independent headline.

And just in case readers didn’t get the fear message, there’s a picture of two lovely children brushing their teeth, great to get the emotions going.

Other dire warnings included: health risk to babies, e-coli, cryptosporidium, lead poisoning, endless water notices, risk to thousands of jobs.

‘Customers’ were warned that if they wanted a modern water system they would have to pay for it. €500 million per year for ten years – minimum.

Also in the Independent (partly owned by Denis O’Brien) John Tierney, Managing Director of Irish Water, was afforded an article all of his own in which he made this dire revelation:

There are now people in Ireland who cannot drink their water because it will make them ill.

His solution: Slap a bill for €2.3 billion on ‘customers’ to pay up or risk getting sick.

We want to become an organisation trusted by people to deliver every time they turn on their tap.

What he means is, of course – trusted to deliver a bill every time a ‘customer’ turns on a tap?

To be fair to Newstalk’s (fully owned by Denis O’Brien) Breakfast presenters, Ivan Yates and Brendan Donoghue, they didn’t even bother with balance.

They got stuck in right away – 20,000 on boiled water notices, nearly one million at risk. They interviewed a spokesperson from EPA asking him comfortable, leading questions that were very helpful to Irish Water.

Again we had all the dire warnings that the sky was about to fall in unless Irish Water ‘customers’ stumped up a couple of billion. At the end of the piece, in case ‘customers’ still weren’t on song, Ivan Yates hammered home the message:

There’s no avoiding the fact if we want to retain our water quality for almost a million people very significant investment needs to take place.

RTE also played its part in the Government’s propaganda campaign.

Here’s part of the written introduction on the Sean O’Rourke website to an interview with Head of Asset Management at Irish Water Jerry Grant.

In the face of opposition to water charges, the response from government and from Irish Water has remained steady. If we want to ensure a sustainable and clean supply of water into the future, charging for water is the way forward.

In fairness to RTE, this clear and dramatic abandonment of balance in favour of supporting Government policy is courageous. At least listeners now know where the national broadcaster stands on the question of water tax.

On RTE’s Late Debate presenter Cormac O’hEadhra nearly had a heart attack at the sheer horror of what was revealed in the EPA report.

Funny, all this hysteria, because Irish citizens (as opposed to customers) have been aware for decades that the water system is Third World standard, at best.

They know they’re being poisoned, they know political incompetence and corruption is at the root of the problem, they know major investment is required.

They also know, and this is where they depart from the position of the Government and its friends in the media, that this time they are not going to be screwed because of the greed and corruption of politicians.

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RTE: Professional standards dropping

It’s 0125hrs on the 21 Jan and I’ve just attempted to access RTEs Drivetime for the 20 Jan.

Disgracefully, it’s not yet available.

RTEs rivals, Newstalk, Today FM, and I’m sure most other stations, provide an excellent and immediate archive service for listeners, researches and journalists.

The failure to provide such a basic service is the latest sign that professional standards at RTE are not what they once were.

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Pope condemns those who would make fun of religion

I see the Pope is taking advantage of the brutal massacres in France to attack those who would make fun of religion.

‘Generously’ conceding that freedom of expression was a fundamental human right he added the strict condition that any such expression must not give offence to religion.

One cannot provoke, one cannot insult other people’s faith, one cannot make fun of faith.

Or, in other words, no religion should ever be the subject of criticism or questioning of any kind because, as we all know, somebody, somewhere, will always take offence.

He goes on to suggest that there was at least some rationality in the minds of the terrorists by saying that people can react violently when offended.

Then, using typically bizarre religious logic he said the attacks were the result of a throwaway culture where people and god are rejected outright.

He finished by revealing he had decided to canonize St. Joseph Vaz, a missionary to Sri Lanka, without going through the usual process of verifying a second miracle by the saint.

Now I don’t know about others but in my book anybody who actually believes in saints and miracles and all that voodoo stuff deserves to be made fun of.

Viva La Charlie Hebdo

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Michéal Martin: Still on the lookout for a spine

I see Fianna Fail ‘leader’ Michéal Martin is still on the lookout for a spine.

When asked if he regretted supporting the motion to expel Dessie O’Malley from the party proposed by his predecessor Haughey, the spineless ‘leader’ replied:

With the greatest of respect, I came here to discuss 2015, not 1985.

I think historically and on reflection, all of those issues could have been handled better or differently but that’s for the history books and I’ll be writing my own memoirs and I’ll deal with all of that then.

When pushed on the matter, he tetchily responded:

Look, I’m not going there.

Martin’s fear of answering a question, any question, has been the defining characteristic of his political career.

During his time as Minister for Health, for example, he infamously initiated over 30 reports into various scandals and problems, all in the name of kicking the ball down the road.

Some of these reports may still be ongoing; you never know when a subversive journalist might sneak in a sinister question.

When asked about the current RTE drama on Haughey’s life, again, this ‘leader’ just couldn’t bring himself to give a simple answer.

I think I’ll withhold judgment until I see the last one.

Personally, I’m delighted the spineless Mr. Martin is still leading Fianna Fail because, as Irish citizens have learned at great cost, what’s bad for the corrupt Fianna Fail party is good for Ireland.

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Naval marriage proposal an indication of how far Ireland has progressed

There’s an absolutely brilliant and heartwarming story in today’s Irish Independent where we see a naval officer, Lieutenant Grace Fanning, propose marriage to her girlfriend, Carol Brady at Fota Wildlife Park.

That a senior officer in the defence forces can openly and comfortably live her life as a lesbian is a very positive indication of how far our country has progressed since the dark days of religious oppression.

It’s certainly a million miles from 1971 when I was a young naval recruit in training.

One particular morning the entire training school was lined up on the parade ground.

Two recruits were then hauled in front of us wearing civilian clothes and carrying their suitcases.

As the two men cowered in fear and humiliation a short speech was delivered to the assembly warning all of what happens to those who engage in homosexual activities.

The two were then literally hounded off the base.

Hopefully, the upcoming referendum on same-sex marriage will not only pass but receive an overwhelming and resounding endorsement from the people of Ireland.

Congratulations to Grace and her partner Carol.

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Haughey: A political gangster, pure and simple

The vast bulk of comment and opinion expressed in response to the current RTE Haughey drama can be described as delusional drivel.

But even delusional drivel can serve a purpose and in this case it serves a very valuable purpose.

It tells us in very clear terms that the current ruling elite and large sections of the media are still frozen in the warped mindset of the Haughey era that enabled him to engage in a decades long career of criminality and betrayal.

In order to differentiate between the drivel and the brutal reality of what Haughey was and what he represented it will be useful to spell out exactly the true nature of this particular individual.

Haughey was a political gangster, pure and simple. He possessed just one talent – the ability to see an opening for profit when it was presented to him.

And that’s what happened when he decided to get involved in politics in the 1950s. Ireland had finally decided to abandon it’s decades long policy of isolation and in particular its idiotic economic war with the UK.

Haughey and his cronies (the men in mohair suits) recognised the opportunities presented by the progressive economic and industrial policies introduced by Lemass.

Ireland could have gone down another road at the time if the criminal had been stopped but tragically for Ireland and its people, he won out and began to infect the governance of the country with the disease of corruption.

For the rest of his career he plundered the resources of the State without fear of ever being brought to account. The diseased culture he created is still alive and thriving today.

Personally he was an obnoxious individual who betrayed his wife and family, a man who robbed the fund collected to save the life of his best friend, a man who threatened and bullied anybody who stood in his way, a man without principle, courage or morals.

But most of all he was a man who inflicted massive damage on his country and its people while all the time fraudulently posing as a man of the people, a great statesman.

In a functional democracy such political scumbags quickly find themselves behind bars. In Ireland he was protected and assisted by all State agencies in his criminality and honoured with a state funeral when he died.

He is still admired by a disturbingly large number of people, particularly those of the ruling elite and their supporters in the media.

We only have to observe the response to the current drama to see how successful the traitor was in corrupting the judgement, principles and integrity of so many people.

I’ll be writing about a number of those responses in the next while.

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Sinn Fein and half-baked Irish Independent journalists

Did anyone see that great recipe for banana cup cakes in the Irish Independent recently?

Here it is:

Preheat oven to 180°C, 160°C fan, Gas mark 4.

Weigh your eggs. Note the weight and measure the same amount of Flora, sugar and flour. Place all the ingredients in a mixing bowl and beat with a wooden spoon 2–3 minutes until well mixed. Place dessertspoons of the mixture in 10 paper cases or greased bun tins.

And we can now reveal that Adolf Hitler was a leading member of Sinn Fein. A reliable source has provided absolute proof to this newspaper that Hitler’s decision to go to war was triggered after the IRA sent Gerry Adams back in a time machine to 1939 where he threatened Hitler with all kinds of sinister things if he didn’t invade Poland.

Bake for around 20 minutes until soft and springy to touch. Cool on a wire tray.

Mix icing ingredients together and then spread or pipe over the cakes. Decorate with banana chips or popping candy.

Ah no, I’m only joking but here’s a similar article baked (or, more accurately, half-baked) earlier by Sunday Independent ‘journalist’ Eilis O’Hanlon.

Essentially, the article is about the misuse of Twitter and Facebook but, in common with all Independent Newspaper journalists, Ms. O’Hanlon just can’t help engaging in a rant against the evil Sinn Fein party.

Midway through the article Ms. O’Hanlon loses the run of herself as sinister Sinn Fein invades her thoughts.

Far too much of it, however, was cruelly organised by supporters of Sinn Fein/IRA, which, like the hard left in general, have a social media presence hugely out of proportion to its actual support in the country, which it uses to intimidate opponents into silence.

Consider it a lesson in what life will be like if they ever do get an actual, as opposed to a Twitter, majority.

A spokesman for Independent Newspapers denied that their journalists are injected with a mind-altering concoction that triggers an automatic Sinn Fein rant when writing articles, even articles about cup cakes :-)

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Creighton's new party: Bizarre and a little sad

Totally bizarre and a little sad is how I would describe Lucinda Creighton’s launch of Ireland’s latest political party.

There she was with an unknown local politician on her right and a very well known person on her left who may, or then again, may not stand for election.

The nation was told that up to 100 people have been working since last April on planning the new party yet all they could manage in terms of policy was four bullet points of principle which any party could attach to their manifesto.

Yes, there may be more to come before the party is launched – again – in eight months time but by then the moment will have been lost, it will be old news.

It will just be another political party trying to find a niche in an ever crowding space and certainly not the revolutionary movement that’s required to bring real change.

Here’s why I think Creighton’s attempt to fill the political vacuum being created by the disintegration of the old corrupt regime will, ultimately, fail.

She was politically born and reared in the culture of that corrupt regime. All her contacts, friends and colleagues are members of the ruling elite that created and fully support that corrupt regime.

In common with a growing number of her fellow elites she has become aware that there’s something dangerous stirring in the undergrowth where ordinary citizens live out their lives voting for and paying taxes to the ruling class in return for a few crumbs from the table.

The fatal flaw in her efforts is that she’s an insider trying to reconfigure the rotten system by making a few cosmetic changes so that it can continue to enjoy the benefits of power.

In common with all her fellow elites she’s completely unaware that it’s far, far too late for tinkering with the system.

It’s time to get rid of it altogether and I see no member of the insider elite with the vision and courage to do that job.

The power that will destroy our corrupt political/administrative system will come from outside and, hopefully, that will happen sooner rather than later.

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2015 will decide who wields power – the people or the corrupt ruling elite

To begin the New Year I’m going to restate the philosophy of this website.

Ireland is an intrinsically corrupt state.

By this I mean:

One: There is no independent state authority that has the power, resources, will or courage to challenge the rampant corruption that has done, and continues to do, so much damage to Ireland and its people.

This is no accident. Over the decades the corrupt body politic has ensured that all state agencies, including the police, are dependent on the favour of politicians if they want to keep their jobs and progress their careers.

Two: The proof of this fact can be observed every time corruption is brought to public attention. State agencies either ignore such corruption or, in many cases, actively take steps to protect the corrupt. The recent return of the Ansbacher files is a case in point.

Inevitably, this political/administrative corruption drove the citizens of Ireland over the cliff of catastrophe into the pits of despair in 2008. Since then the corrupt system has been desperately trying to reassert its power.

If it succeeds, Ireland will become a visible banana republic where the gap between the powerful and the powerless will become a permanent, and acceptably normal part of our culture.

To prevent this happening the people of Ireland need to rise up and destroy the system that has betrayed every principle of democracy and decency.

Talk of political reform is useless, that moment passed decades ago. Only the deluded believe that those who benefit enormously from our corrupt system will willingly push the button of their own self-destruction.

The people rebelled when the property tax was introduced. That rebellion was squashed when the corrupt system brought in the heavy artillery of Revenue.

The rebellion was re-ignited and became much stronger with the attempted introduction of water charges which politicised a significant section of the electorate.

But the rebellion is not about water charges, it’s not about any particular political party, it’s not even about this government.

It’s about the fact that the Irish people have finally woken up to the reality that they have been betrayed by a diseased and traitorous political system.

2015 will decide whether the people regain their democratic rights or are condemned forever to live under the oppression of the current ruling elite.

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everybody.

May 2015 be the year of revolution when the people finally throw out the old corrupt regime forever.

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